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Making a Todomovies to Trakt tool with Swift youtu.be/RbM4483-nb0

I've finished an edit of a 3h live stream down to 1h. I doubt many people will watch it (if only you embraced the power of 2x!) but I'm not gonna cut it down more. I think is really interesting to see how other people works trough problems (research, debug...)

OMG you can edit in final cut at 2x by pressing L twice! huge!

I pressume that this is what @johnsundell@twitter.com has done with his tool. Can’t wait to take a look ^^

Nowadays, with SPM making running binaries so easy I think a better approach is to make a ‘package’ for the website that uses a library. Kinda what gatsby does. That gives infinite flexibility.

A while ago I prototyped a static site generator in Swift. I used a similar technique to what SPM uses for Package.swift. It worked quite well but of course the configuration qas limited to what could be serialised.

Job done. Wrote a little swift script/server to move all the movies from TodoMovies to Trakt. Now I can use any app for both movies and shows, about time! ^^

I’m taking some days off so you may see me a lot more here or not at all. 😂

to be fair, it may just be Apple Foundation frameworks not being as good as whatever Chrome audio does, because on iOS players the audio sounds as bad as on Safari.

The only reason why I use Chrome is because it corrects the audio distortion of videos being played at 2x. When I reported this to Safari years ago they told me there was no difference. 🤦🏻‍♂️ If only they improved this I could uninstall chrome.

Missing a "I forced the web and backend teams to use it" 😂

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As a mobile dev I use GraphQL because:

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Call me again when Apple releases a proper 13’’mbp ^^ (or 14 if yiu want ;))

Sick night and day, with plenty of work and meetings. I don’t even know where my brain is at. 🧠 🤢 🤒 💤

Always strive to get to ‘the best way’ with an ‘open mind’.

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@DailyDael@twitter.com I almost didn't get the writing job at Turtle Rock because I said "I like to fight about the best way to do things" and they were like "Ew we don't like to fight."


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And you will think: ‘how lucky you have a backup!’
is not luck, because is bot the first time it loses my data.

One thing I really care is tracking the shows I watch. So you can understand how triggered I am when the app I use loses all the info and keeps crashing 🤬
Lucky I have a backup of the data.
But is really frustrating, a paid app... i need to finish mine ffs

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