Is it me or SwoftUI has serious cell reusability issues on macOS?
List with 2 ForEach. Move an item in your state from one foreach to the other. The system doesn’t refresh the ‘row’ showing the UI for the wrong foreach.

I have this useful extension on store but I'm not sold on the param labels. Any recommendation?

I loved Objc after 1 day with it, and I still do. :) (of course I prefer Swift but the feelings never go away ^^)


I honestly don’t get all this hate towards ObjC. I get it, once you start using Swift some things are a bit more tedious to accomplish, but there’s also a lot of cool things about it. It’s a robust, versatile and powerful language.


And yes... I still dream of finishing my app xd maybe this year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And trust me, if there is a category of apps that I’m capable of judging is tracking apps. Not only I’m an obsessed with tracking, but I’ve tried almost all the apps available 😂 and even built (not finished) building one (or two 🤦🏻‍♂️). So I trust my seal of approval ^^

For now I’m gladly surprised. Is very close to the prototype I built a while ago. It seems to have the ux I’m most confortable with. And is a beta but I think I can already recommend it ;)

RT We’re building a new Trakt based app that has movies and tv shows! We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Ey folks, what do you think about types that provide a static function to instantiate an array of its type?
The factory method is fine for returning 1 instance of the type, but for an array it seems weird?

struct SomeType {
static func makeMany() -> [SomeType]

These challenges seem like a great way of getting deep into SwiftUI


SwiftUI Challenge #2

This week's challenge: build a signal strength indicator.

Watch the video, then reply with your nicest solution — we'll post ours next Tuesday!

Some starter code:


If you haven't watched my last video about Swift 6 because you prefer the written form I GOT YOU COVERED!
Check out this blog post with a transcript of the video
(and if you're one of those that runs away from the swift forums, this will be helpful too!)

Since in my J.O.B. I don't use GitHub issues I didn't realise how awesome the integration with PRs has become!

Some weird crash happening in the compiler of Xcode 11.4 beta. Seems like using an imported C DEFINE in a closure makes a big :💥 at silgen stage.
(commenting that line fixes it)
not sure is worth raising a radar since I don't have time to reduce this into a simple project :(

Is there a way to convince that Delegate should be a protocol that the Proxy type should conform to? 🤔

For a moment I almost edit out the part of the video when I complain about the negativity of the community. Not a day passes by and I see it again 🤦🏻‍♂️
I’m glad I left it in If only we could extend all types, or all enums, etc... for such amazing extension capabilities that has I sometimes miss this one.

That said, I really like this small addition makes if with enums so much nicer! <3
(is it worth adding ?)

I like that we can do this, but maybe a property on the enum itself would be nicer, and that without code generation (or lang support) seems really tricky to pull off.

As part of an API CasePath is awesome (I want it on the language!!) but I'm still not sure about using it in the wild, as opposed to code generated accessors.


Let's explore a real world application of "case paths," which provide key path-like functionality to enum cases. We'll upgrade our composable architecture to use them and see why they're a better fit than our existing approach.

Learn more:


This afternoon I release a video I'm very excited about!
Road to Swift 6 tune in for the premiere ;)

For me it's benig a solid OS except:
- When building CLI tools in Xcode is a pain to have to accept permissions on every run (I can't figure out how to disable it)
- Randomly popups appear with "verifying..." because some app is doing dodgy (but required) things. Dropbox, Adobe..

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