〶 An improved SwiftUI modal presentation API 🎉
If you like how Alerts are presented in SwiftUI, but find modals too cumbersome, take a look at this post 😉

Interesting recap of pros and const about typed errors caseyliss.com/2019/6/19/error- by @caseyliss@twitter.com 👌🏻 worth a read.
But “really really cheat” has nothing to do with Never. that use case is actually what makes typed errors shine.

📺 Do you wonder how magically creates bindings to properties?
In this video I explain how this magic is made youtube.com/watch?v=XC-J2dAvRm
It’s so nice to see different language features come together! 👌🏻

Being working on a Sunday project and I’m amazing how productive it has been.
SPM in Xcode makes it so easy to build separated packages and CLI tools to support the main project data.
And SwiftUI makes it so easy to display nicely that data.
And dark mode for free!

Am I the only one thinking that the design of Modal in should follow the same as Alert?
It’s quite a pain to manage the flags yourself ☹️

I finally figured out how to implement reusable button styles in 🎉 💃🏻!
I hope this StaticMember workaround is not needed in the future, and that Xcode can provide better suggestions!

I’m still amazed at how easy is to do this kind of things with

“The right time to do a big infrastructure upgrade is before you need it.”

RevenueCat - How we migrated our database to Amazon Aurora with zero downtime revenuecat.com/2019/06/19/auro

I’m still working on more videos dissecting the SE proposals that impacted
but the playlist youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2H already has the bigger ones! 😊

This thread is quite relevant as I’m already seeing some people follow this practice without realising the small details of it.

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If I understand correctly, …DiffableDataSource requires that items be *uniquely* identified by their hash. Am I alone in thinking this is an abuse of Hashable? Hashable doesn't require uniqueness. This feels like a very subtle requirement that deserves its own protocol.

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You can’t imagine how many people has been following this like the world cup 😂 was fun!

*Girona almost gets Spain, but we failed against La Rioja. they’re superior :P

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If La Rioja conquered Spain

And Spain conquered the world twitter.com/worldwarbot/status

It’s safe to admit @NSSpain@twitter.com is the new

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I watched Craig Federighi’s wwdc19 iTunes segment again. So funny. He da boss 😂

I was teaching it yesterday to an intern and was surprised how well it clicked for her.
“It makes a lot of sense” were her words.

Do the errors have to improve a lot? YES.
Are the Swift basics easy to learn? ABSOLUTELY
Is there a lot more advanced stuff to learn? YES!

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Apple has so much teaching material positioning Swift as an easy to learn language, but I really don't think it is at all. It's so much closer to C++ in complexity, perhaps even more so. Make one wrong move in SwiftUI and you get inscrutable error messages like this thrown at you

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Every time I change between official Xcode and the new beta version I need to install the components.
This doesn’t seem right, I don’t remember having to do this previous years.

And here it goes! another “What's behind SwiftUI?” video 💪🏻
are you gonna miss those returns?

ohmay this is cool 😎

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Gestures and Blend Modes in SwiftUI. So easy to iterate.

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The pride sourcetree icon is really cool, but omg my brain is having a hard time finding the app on the Dock now. muscle memory and all of that.

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