“We plan to use ownership some, but a more on-point design is forthcoming.”
Ohh that’s interesting 🤔

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Exciting times ahead for Swift: “our approach will be centered around making data races statically impossible as much as possible.” forums.swift.org/t/understandi

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Unless I don't understand how you're suposed to implement custom pattern matching in Swift, I think this bug bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-1121 basically prevents from using custom matching where you want to bind values on the switch cases. It makes that functionality a bit useless :(

Nice thread from Nick, and I personally totally disagree with the video (except for compilation times, you can't argue with that 😂).
People romanticizes the past of "our" community too much.

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I don't actually disagree with much in this video apart from the conclusion that Swift is to blame for Apple dev community's shift in focus:


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〶 Do you know how to capture references to instances that don't exist?
Come to my blog and let me walk you through the process of figuring out the solution.

I switched to the Spanish TOP and is not better 😂 99% reggaeton and all sounding the same, or denigrating woman or crying because they ignore you 🤦🏻‍♂️
I think I will go back to my recommended lists 😂

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TOP 100 Global music. 85% crap (I mean trap or whatever you call it) and they all sound the same. The rest are good, even some oriental music!
I guess I'm old.

Biomes - The Living Landscapes of Earth youtu.be/o_AfNcjlOgU via @YouTube@twitter.com

I still think all these apps need more sources. Because really showing a calendar and a photo is nothing to be excited about 😂

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I thought all the widget apps were quite useless all doing the same, but this is quite interesting. The only one that really lets you create custom widgets.

My PR reviews often include a “put this code in the other func, don’t make a separate one for no reason”

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The best PR reviews I’ve ever got included comments on:

- concurrency bugs
- software layering
- how to write better tests

The worst PR review I’ve ever got told me to make functions smaller.

That’s why I get so triggered whenever “clean code” is wheeled out in PR reviews.

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Using Shortcuts to change an icon is such a bad hack, but I’m tempted. I can’t stand this ugly ⁦@messenger@twitter.com⁩ icon wtf

Wait, does @BrandSanderson@twitter.com listen to @ApproachNirvana@twitter.com when writing? <3

Very interesting post on the complexity of all the interactions in TfT. It has to be crazy pants to keep all of that intact every release.

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Been getting a lot of..."feedback" about the state of the game. Totally fair. TFT is a complex game, here's some thoughts on why it happens:


Also I'll say it again...while we didn't want to rush a hotfix this week, EXTREMELY high chance of B-Patch Weds.

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Finally a smaller screen without compromising features? 🎉

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OMG the verizon part 😅 yes blame apple, but that’s really just an example of the egocentrism of the US. The rest of the world sees examples of it every single day. From big corps to small individuals. It’s so crazy 😂

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Quite happy with some beautiful pics from today.
More on instagrami ^^
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Just like farming in an rpg for that special item you desire. 😅

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This in itself may seem like a hard truth, but the even harder truth is that for every success story there are 100 would-be entrepreneurs who did all this and still failed. twitter.com/APompliano/status/

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