While playing No Man’s Sky I've been turning my favorite screenshots from the game into classic sci fi novel covers. I've made three so far: Ascendant Eden, The Satellite Sun, and The Scavenger of Eden.

Finnegan keeping me company as I delete 20k user records in batches of 500 because it takes way too long to run all the damn Rails dependent destroy call backs. Why couldn’t we just deactivate them again?

trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary ppl are whatever they want to be, and if you think differently find a different website

It’s so hard to get back to work when I can watch my cat hunt flies around the house instead.

Preparing a release of Twitterrific with tons of code removed that used to use the now-deprecated Twitter APIs.

On the one hand, it was pretty nice to delete a ton of stuff because less code means less places for bugs to hide. On the other hand, that code was all hard-won and the result of hundreds of hours of work that have now been retroactively wasted.

@miketannenbaum here's what you need to know:

- you can follow people on any instance, and be followed from any instance (unless you block or are blocked)
- your instance is kinda like a neighborhood.
- your home timeline is just the people you follow
- your local timeline is just the people on your instance
- the federated timeline is all activities across all instances
- search only works on hashtags, so #introductions is a good starting point
- be friendly (duh) and don't be a Nazi (duh)

Hey folks! Welcome to ruby.social! 🎉

I'm hoping this will become a good, friendly community for Ruby-folks to chat and discover new friends. But for that to happen, you need to sign up!

ruby.social -- all are welcome

Hello! New to Mastodon and super excited to be here!

I'm Alex, a software engineer living in Vermont with my wife, tiny dog, and large cat. I design board games in my free time and I'm trying to get more outdoorsy. Love reading sci-fi and want to start writing some too.

I'm working from home for a startup in Boston, so I'm excited to make some new friends and share nerdy interests.

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