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Question to users. Can you tell me bad things about it? I am currently considering purchasing it, but have doubts

IRC works reliably even at moments, when HTTP traffic can't get through.

Now I get, why the developers are blamed in most of the software issues there. Because they actually are not the responsible ones, because when one wants to do the good job, he is being blamed for perfectionism.

Can I choose different world to live? Where Software Engineering is respected good enough?

It seems that fairly enough. But for some unknown reason, I can't use keyboard after skype call. It just does noting at all :/

Good morning to everybody. Today I am going to have a fun attraction: having a videocall using just 1Mbps connection. What do you think, can *modern* software work via such small data channel?

You are officially allowed to read *modern* as "modern and shitty".

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Canonical has NOT deprioritised the desktop. In fact, we're going to be expanding the #Ubuntu Desktop team in 2020 💪


It's a new year, so quote tweet this with a #Linux fact or tip you think most people don't know.

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The reason we're consistently seeing increasing frequency of data breaches isn't because bad guys are getting smarter. It's because the never-ending list of required skills that recruiters and companies are asking for is resulting in hiring less competent people to fill these roles. Workers are increasingly pressured to have an unrealistically broad skillset to get hired. The trade off is that skillset is extremely shallow and the resulting products have attack vectors hanging off it all over the place.


Should I be able to login to Freenode using while my nickname is already used by a bridge (controlled by me)?

When my mom left the network, I just gotten boost from 1-8 KiB/sec to 90-100 KiB/sec.

I have been testing out network, whether I will actually be able to do the remote work from here. Everything worked pretty nice, especially mastodon client.

Then mother connected to network and started scrolling facebook. And I started getting regular "Connection Reset" errors. One more f**king reason to hate it.

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Do y'all know of any articles or resources on using Haskell or LISPs to teach introductory algorithms and computer science courses?

(I'm especially interested if they're used in highschools.)

Huh, while thinkpad's keyboard is generally great, the trackpoint is not actually easy nor fast to use. I am disappointed with the concept and unrestand, why are there so small amount of laptops with them :/

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I just ordered "Land of Lisp" on ^_^ Tired of waiting for it already 😂

But there is one more thing worth mentioning as from optimization perspective. The size of resulting videos generally became ~20% less, compared to original videos. But, as the ffmpeg docs tell, the 20-50% of bit rate can be saved using libvpx.

So, I've tested several ideas, and found out about "Constrained Quality". It allows to specity "desired quality", measure of which I couldn't understand, but makes things a bit more fluid.


So, I did a bit of reading of the docs and found out, that encoder seems not to be able to utilize several threads.

And this can be fixed by enabling "Row based multiprocessing", using `-row-mt 1`. This enables libvpx to be able to utilize several cores. And now, it actually can utilize several CPU's at once. And when I start several ffmpeg processes at the same time, the first one starts to degrade in processing speed


While this is pretty simple and straightforward way, but in fact it didn't to what I actually wanted. All the processing was done in the single thread, which was not visible on pass-2 of coding process, because ffmpeg internally did some computations on background threads, so I saw that CPU had several threads busy, but not 100%.

However, the pass-1 process was done in one thread, ignoring the '-threads' argument parameters.


What was the thing I actually was doing:

I was recoding videos from mkv (x264) and mp4 (x264) to webm (VP9) while setting only the target quality level I desired ('-b:v <desired bitrate or so)' and stated that I want to use 4 threads for that ('-threads 4'). And did it in 2-pass way.


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