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An epiphany.

I'm no longer dazzled by computers anymore. I see computers as mundane appliances now, like a car or a microwave.

Yes, a car is basically an appliance, it just happens to have wheels.

It seems I've just f*cked up an interview for scala position...

I should get into learning more of FP if I want to land an FP job someday

@elementary oh, I see now... It seems I was wrong about 5.1 at all... It seems that it is not a thing... Or is?

@elementary fast question: is it intended that 5 is default on ? I thought there is already 5.1 available...

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It's sad that instead of using #GNOME Software, I have to use and #Flatpak CLI to quickly and reliably search for and install applications.
It's supposed to be a centerpiece of our desktop experience 😞

I suffer from insomnia. Just can’t get asleep for two hours now :/

Reason, why I want those: there are plenty of computers, that has gotten by friend of mine and myself. (because of it's better support for latest python3 versions than in ubuntu)

And I would like to spread fedora this way among my colleagues, because fedora users tend to have less pain with python. And they would see the fedora sticker and see that it is actually better :)

Are there any swag available for purchase? Like hats and stickers, etc?

I've found a page with community-contributed sticker designs, but I'd be very happy to order those and be sure that money will go into

Boost is much appreciated

Hell, can work with docker registries! That's awesome

> sudo dnf remove moby-engine -y
> echo "alias docker=podman" >> ~/.zshrc

All set, ready to go :awesome:

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Quick question, anyone know any good ways to monetize my coding abilities online with low commitment?

Sure, capitalism is evil, but I gotta pay the bills somehow, and a bit of work experience might look good on a resume.

In case you miss me - I am still here. Working and making rss/atom feed generator for my website in scala while remembering it's aspects and fighting additional complexity I am introducing with my code

You probably don't need an external database when you already use stack

I am too lazy to switch website to any templating engine, so I am writing an html scraper that will scrape my page to generate atom feed.

Prioritizing is really undervalued skill. Yesterday I started writing a project in , and now am thinking of rewriting it in to prepare before applying my cv to scala position 🤔

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I think I would have learned computer science in high school a lot easier if the teacher used something like Standard ML instead of C/C++.

All those algorithms we had to learn seem to be more expressive in SML. A functional programming language is a lot closer to the math high schoolers know and learn in Romania than something C-like.

has dropped the first version of cgroups. And docker still can't do cgroupsv2.

"Learn you Haskell for a Greater Good" by Miran Lipovača - is the best book for those who don't know but is very eager to learn.

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