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Activated "Prefer dark mode" in . This feels way better. @elementary, what do you think of making this option in settings without installing elementary tweaks?

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Totally agree with @BabyWOGUE on this topic:

This is totally the reason why I paid 5$ per month to even while not using it. Because those guys without that money won't be able to contribute into desktop development which makes more suitable platform for users.

After experiencing awesomeness of , made a decision to check out programming language they wrote their software in: .
Some of my surrounding tell that it is shitty language that nobody needs. But it feel pretty simple and shine. It feels _native_ to GTK, like C# feels native to .Net and UWP platform. Also, Vala looks pretty similar to C# sometimes, but I don't think that it is much of an issue

Well, feels a lot like Linux Mint felt when Cinnamon was just created. Pretty decent, pretty fast and pretty beautiful.

Well, qemu is shit. Back to VirtualBox 😁

Please note, that if you clone machine in Gnome Boxes, all the changes in source machine apply to cloned too

Everything runs OK. But it seems that Nvidia still has no support for Wayland πŸ˜’

Upgrading laptop to :) Hope it will work well with Nvidia card 😁

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I want sometimes to move to some kind of self-hosted blogging platform. But I am too lazy to set everything up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It would be totally bad if my lazyness didn't make my life simpler and more interesting 😁

I pretty did it. Totaly excited with such possibilities at work πŸ˜„

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Weekly news:

- The landing is now hosted using ipfs
- The mission for this weekend is add the necessary on the UI to handle comments and blocks/mutes
- I'm considering optional support for ipfs
- I want to stream while coding AP code for anfora

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