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mastodon project, governance 

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@alexcleac @Qwxlea @bugaevc All software is bad. Just some software is slightly less bad.

It is so hard to help new people in team to set up. Very much of effort to do such thing, but at least it feels great afterwards 😄

Showed colleague a power of redshift. So love to show the bright side of Linux to other people, and they look so... amazed of how things can be great

Was reading again the series of articles on how designers fail their job, here is a link to part 1

There are some things I do not agree with, but several things became different nowadays. And at the same point - some things didn't change. Some of my thoughts will be in the thread

Checked out a . The service feels awkward and strange in browser. I think they need a UX designer, or at least a developer who cares about overall beauty

The more I learn the web the more I feel, how dangerous it is in fact. Damn, anyone can literally track everybody all the time. I feel so paranoid now...

in . It seems that it's the only web site that I made working inside it in several minutes

that there is a dnf-3 command in , which uses python3 to run application :D It looks so like at place where I work - we do the same thing to migrate to python3

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> There’s a new social network in town. It’s called Mastodon.

No, no, no! It's called the fediverse, and it's been around for nearly a decade.

Today I've learnt that fediverse is not really that friendly community. The fish rots from the head, you. And in fediverse, there is nothing different here...

Too sad... May we create a free internet just for people, who are open to make this internet better and not to allow bad people enter?

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@alexcleac Open Source Wizards vs Proprietary Wizards.

Some Wizards want the latest and greatest JavaScript spells that are hot this month and do most of the work for you, other swear to cryptic spells that are 30 years old and take almost as long to master.

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Happy Friday, lovely fediversians.

Yeah, it seems like bad stuff is all there is because that's what gets click/headlines/attention etc, but there is so much good out there in the world as well.

Remember there are so many people out there fighting for good everyday that will never get the props they deserve.

You're not alone. You're never alone.

Modern computers are complex enough to be some kind of magic for people. And it is not for people related to IT - they mostly think that computers are boring.

Now I start thinking that if we had magic, like in D&D, wizards would treat magic like something everybody should know.

And now I declare myself as 5th level wizard of Creation and Protection Schools. There are also Destruction, Locking, Abstract and MetaMagical schools :D

work-related fun 

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software development in 2018

focusing™️ on™️ what™️ really™️ matters™️

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I hate big, fat frameworks. They take all the creative fun out of programming and just make you conform to someone else's API. Not to mention the API is usually unidiomatic to its host language and basically a world of its own.

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