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@jordan31 yes, you can. You can just assign different subdomains to different IP addresses using AAAA records.

Though, AFAIK e-mail is a bit more complicated on this part, because it is needed to be set custom DNS records and requires from actions from e-mail host administrator as well...

Installing Alpine on RPi 3b+ because I got a bit tired and I want to detach from "shiny" tech

@nebunez the legendary book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) could be an excellent introduction to Scheme, it is often strongly recommended, I liked it very much.

Also, I think How To Design Programs (another book) might be worth checking out in a second time.

Both are freely available online 🎉

@evelynyap I think that's the client caused that behavior 🤔

BTW, did you try short-circuiting + to - on contacts? That would work in case that battery does not have controller inside. If it has, I would suggest looking just for the controller and connecting it without a battery.


My vacation is over and it is time to work a bit... Then VictorOps calls and tells me I have an incident.


(full disclosure: everything is fine, it was a false alarm caused by Graphene deciding to lag again)

@TheOuterLinux hmm, it's not a first time I see booster mentioned instead of author 🤔

@evelynyap is a correct person to mention 😁

I have written first update on in case you are interested and development progress. Feel free to follow those updates 😄️

@elmiko it seems that it was first time load (bunch of javascript inside?). After first load, everything is more or less smooth and fast.

@gikari @nicofee they have started to respect GTK's placement of controls... I think it is somehow related 🤔️ is really a slow one. Even for opening pages just to display basic contents...

My crappy old #smartphone (that I couldn't find a replacement #battery for) is always plugged in whenever I use it, otherwise it shuts down after a few seconds. The swollen battery has gotten even bigger/worse now. One end is popping out. (I got double-sided tape under it so it stays in place.)

Can't use the phone plugged in without the battery in there, but maybe this is dangerous? 🤔

I use it as a webcam. I'd like to keep using it. But what to do with about battery?
#technology #safety

@raucao I have bought a Samsung Galaxy A40 phone about 6 months ago. It's smaller then all other phones in same price category, has pretty decent battery, camera and has enough processing power not to lag at all. 😁️

@abbienormal I think yes. But should it be considering fact that vala is still transpiled to C?

Thing I dislike about model of usage of git with forks: I need have a remote branch for every single contributor to review their changes not just in code, but in action.

⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

#FOSS #FLOSS #opensource #libre #privacy #security #Linux #Microsoft #Windows #Apple #MacOS #iOS #Google #Facebook #Instagram #Amazon

New Blog Post: Mastodon to Pleroma — 2 — Customizing My Instance

"Now that I have a Pleroma instance up and running with an account, it's time to make that instance my own through backend and frontend customizations."

** As this is a Mastodon to Pleroma account change, followers will NOT auto-migrate. You should go follow me on Pleroma at and unfollow my account. **


@rf @russian_mastodon Приватность общения — базовая потребность. Все технологии уже есть. Я знаю как их настроить с нулевым бюджетом и без знаний в IT.

Добавьте в избранное, если тема интересная. Расскажу, покажу, помогу.

15 лет работаю в IT, защищаю и развиваю инфраструктуру международных компаний.

#selfprivacy #cybersecurity

I'm opposed to automatic updates on principle because software is written by people. The same people who are sleep-deprived, underpaid, overworked, and make mistakes (and then might not correct the mistakes).

I don't want the automatic mistakes of the day on my system.

I don't want unwanted software automatically added to my system.

Automatic updates are good at enabling both of these things to happen, and since no one talks about them, I'm going to assume they happen.

@jalcine basically this is the thing I was looking for, but didn't have much time to investigate idea more deeply. At least 3G works 😁

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