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I’ve got an SSD that matched requirements for second slot and it didn’t work 😒

@andrioid I often use that trick when use some metaprogramming on React components. Feels way more reliable than jsx, because when you get to higher level, it sometimes does resolving of modules strangely when using xml syntax for that :/

@nolan agree much about the hooks and all the new things about React. It feels like it will be the next thing people will be aggresively removing from their code base in time.

I very much like the recompose library, because it allows you to make complex enough projects just by playing with composition of functions. However, it feels a bit harder on resources than the "class-based" approach

OK. Trump and Brexit is already crazy enough, but Richard Stallman speaking at Microsoft - we truly live in an alternative timeline IMHO. ;)

@varjmes in fact, there is one bad thing about monorepos - it’s size. You literally can download a repo for hour. Also, things become heavier when you do branch based development - it is better to use patch approach for mono repo instead of gitlab/GitHub flow :)

@aaronpk What would it take to log into different ActivityPub services with Indyauth *using the same ActivityPub account*.

For example, logging in to both #Peertube and #Mastodon using the same Indyauth domain, and see notifications and replies from both services on the one account.

Presumably Indyauth would have to be extended somehow to know what the primary ActivityPub account was? Maybe something like a homepage link with rel="me-primary" or something?

#Indyauth #ActivityPub #SSO

When I speak data scientists (ml engineers, etc) I feel myself a dumb one. But when things get to work logic and algorithms, I recognize and understand lots of things as I invented for myself and did them at my first job. Curious thing 🤔

A bit of cyanacrilate glue and a bit of patience made Samsung Level On headphones I was using for 4 years look good as new 😁

I had more laptops and phones during this period of time than headphones 🤔

@andrioid here are some of parts:
- drinking coffee as much as I want without paying to baristas
- all the hardware works as expected at home :)
- I am ALONE and nobody will ever come to me to ask some stupid thing he could look up at the docs
- take break whenever I want, guilt-free
- take laptop and get working anywhere

The issue is that all of them are favorite. Too sad I can't work from home more than one time per week :/

@sir it feels very like such http response:

200 {"status": "not_found", "code": 404}

@selfisekai when you get to using anytype - then is it any different from dynamically typed language?

@gudenau I did only see the code and it was a while ago, so not sure about their similarity. However the code looks like the most of logic is made in runtime instead of annotations and code-generation like in GSON

@gudenau as far as I understand it, it's a bit more in runtime. Didn't use it much, can't give you an exact answer

@gudenau is jackson[0] good enough? And, if you use scala, you could use circe[1], it is awesome


Hell, I've got my big screen working with my laptop. Almost forgot this feeling - to have a 23" of quality screen that does keep colors good :D

@gudenau that is the thing that stops me from duing 99% of things and just get playing video games.

I know how to fight this issue: make the plan to the next closest step and implement it step by step until you accidentally find out that you've already did it. But I simply don't want to fight it. 😂

Statically typed compiled language:

- Hell, I even can't compile this, I am switching to python!

Dynamically typed scriptable language

> NoneType has no attribute "green"
- Hell, I am switching back to compiled language!

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