Couldn’t find an affordable graphical syncing calendar app for except gnome calendar, Evolution or KDE integrated or was not integrated into email πŸ˜’ I don’t want spend weekend making one 😬

@profoundlynerdy @Phreaker @ThaFacialHair AFAIK systemd is *one* of the choices you have, which includes also openrc. (also, afaik the latter is generally developed by gentoo developers)

Fun fact, I've got pretty beautiful and very fast after playing around XFCE. It works, and it works pretty nice πŸ€”

@elmiko I’m afraid that you misunderstood this a bite. We are using internally developed linked tree implementation. And there was not good implementation of iterating through it, because it produced too deep recursion so it got StackOverflow exception.

And this happened while kryo was serializing data, which made it to be nearly impossible to find out without pausing VM when RAM spiked.

The worst is that I was not a person who implemented this.

At last I got it. The issue was related to an internal library that did tail recursion that was not evaluated as tailrec. *sigh*

For the second day I am in process of debugging a spark application. Now I start debugging itself, because it feels that the issue does not relate to my codebase at all πŸ˜•

@z428 totally have the same issue. I had this with (and fixed with buying an iPhone) and now have with . It always feels that I miss some feature from another window manager or distro or else. Just because those features mostly don't overlap and pretty every distro has it's own unique feature that nobody else have.

In fact now I try to focus on learning and it helps. And the only reason I've switched from Gnome to XFCE now is that Gnome makes my system lag most of the time πŸ˜•

@syntaktis yeah, that works... Unless your machine is doing some another task πŸ˜ƒ

@izaya huh, pretty nice advice, thanks) In fact, I was thinking about buying a small netbook and replace my current laptop with more performant one. But this may work too, thanks! (however then I will need to buy a small screen to use this setup)

Debugging applications tend to be easy. But most of the time, you just wait until your task runs to the breakpoint. Which is run only one thread and works about >20x slower than when I run it in 4 threads without debugging symbols

Sometimes I want to have several small computers to try out lightweight setups just for fun and to avoid wish to try something different on my primary laptop.

@rtwx pretty strange πŸ€” `light` worked for when nothing else did... That is very strange, in fact

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@rtwx as far as I see now among children, nerd is a new cool. It feels that they generally like to play with technologies. Maybe it’s the thing about Ukraine only, but as far as I spoke with people on - it feels that it is worldwide.

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@Wolf480pl and mostly and ways are about developing software not only for yourself, but for other people too. This is how software engineering ecomomics work πŸ˜‰

@Wolf480pl oh, I see now. You missed my point a bit.

I mean, for most of the time SEs write software for somebody. Most of the time, I don't write software for myself. I am _paid_ to write software for my company to sell it to other companies. Yet I use product I develop (it is an e-commerce ecosystem), which allows me understand its needs better. But still, I develop software not for myself, but for users of this product. It is just useless for personal usage

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