@manuelcaeiro the valley means the idea of instances in mastodon. I'm afraid that simple shortening of the name can introduce different meaning πŸ€” I'll think how could this worked out

@manuelcaeiro oh, I see. Thank you for feedback a lot. I didn't want to use anything close to an existing clients as long as to use "toot" metaphor, to avoid confusion with original project :D

If you have any suggestions, I would highly appreciate them

So, here is the poll: what do you think about name "Elevalley" and the logo? You can find them by the link mastodon.technology/@alexcleac

I would appreciate suggestions and boosts

So, I have been trying to work through forking . Here is the idea I've been having: the name is "Elevalley", and you can see the logo on picture. What do you think about it? Next post will be poll for feedback, but I would appreciate a suggestions and healthy criticism in reply to this post.

@davidak and I would be very happy for it to happen πŸ˜‰οΈ

Also, in case you are wondering about tootle: it is still work in progress. I have some ideas on name and logo, though, and I will share them occasionally.

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@davidak yeah, but author has a bit different plan of further project development, which involves making project a general GTK application, while I like the focus on elementaryOS.

In case you are wandering, where I've been:
* alive and not sick with any kind of pandemic
* starting up at preply.com
* keeping distance with any kind social media
* learning things: statistics, haskell, category theory, OSx and watching tech talks
* staying at home

Back from vacation :)

Today I will be drawing in inkscape πŸ˜„οΈ

@alan personally, I mostly skip them, if I already know them. Also, what is the book you are reading? Just curious :D

Also, speaking of . I have not that good news: the Elementary team advices to change the icon and a name of project to decrease confusion with original version.

The reason is valid and though I was thinking that this can be done a bit later, but it is a blocker of some kind. I would appreciate any ideas on names and logo, because I am going through job application and it takes some amount of my time...

Curious thing I've read yesterday about . It seems that every post that is on front page is behind paywall. It's very odd IMO

Almost truth about my professional development. Just replace "Perl" with "Delphi"


@ndegruchy oh, I see :) You are making pretty nice point. If you don't know, if you use, I suggest trying recording an hour or two of your workflow. You will see if you do actually use all it's power and whether you really need it at all :)

@ndegruchy emacs is actually great in that way that you can do even plain text-editing tasks using it :)



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