@minus nah, I was looking for an issue somewhere deep :) Generally I have to open at most 3 windows

I'm in charge of this computer, not you, chrome, fuck you

I've been using Gnome for two days. And i am finally happy with it :awesome:

@jlelse in fact, some day I will test Silverblue, however at the moment, when I'll have a free machine that I am not relying on very much :)

@jlelse plain old Workstation edition yet. I have just 256 GiB drive and have to work with containers a lot, so it is easier and faster to set up it from scratch than spend more time cleaning dist for all the time. 😁

Back on 😁 Have some thoughts on my experience and reasons why I've moved back. I will serialize them into more or less readable form soon, I think :)

Ideas are bigger than people. #FreeSoftware is a truly world changing idea IMHO. Free Software is bigger than any one person.

@Wolf480pl it may be 🤔I didn't think deep to understand, why 31 and not 32, I am trying to find the source of collision I've been experiencing at work :)

You don't know

This code produces "true":
((2147483647 + (1024 * 1024 * 1024 * 8)) | 0) == 2147483647

is pretty nice thing. But for some reason, it is slow as hell on bigger projects, while works as fast as on any other project.

@ayo currently inoreader.com - has nice mobile apps and works pretty good.

I start feeling that in 5-10 years python will become the new PHP. Everybody will hate it and still use it because it is the dominant thing, and it is easier to find a python developer than X-lang developer.

Sometimes I want to write at least something, but I think that this "something" is too boring to share.

You know, I don't want to share too much about my life. And in the same time, the addiction to social net says me that I simply *have* to write something.

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