@js It is strange, I've just checked, it works on different computer...

I like the framework for . It's so small, so you can ship it inside your codebase. However, there is one thing I'd like not to be included. It's the configuration management. I'd like to manage config on my own, in a way only I like to use.

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Seriously I think n-gate.com is my favorite Website on the Internet.

This is *why* I think that asyncio is kind of abstraction that is obsolete. People need something like *controlled* and *delayed* execution, but always get some overcomplicated things like this. And I think that in several years the async-await syntax will be the one people will be escaping in some time.


@gemlog you seem upset with those facts. However I find them rather joyful. I can just talk to random people I don't and probably won't know in person, like the early days of internet. Nameless and free to express yourself in the way only you want to do it.

@sm0g TBH I just listen to Jupiter Broadcasting podcasts, which is more than enough to be up to date

@haskal They call them "bangs" :) And it is the feature I use the most for now :D

@s See ForgeFed account on fediverse. They are trying to make this possible :)

Please, be aware that I will accept the follow request only in case I see that you are active on fediverse and/or your profile has an image and/or description

Just cleared about 80 subscribers from my followers, because I they don't have activity for long time, and I don't remember speaking with them. I like talking to people here, so I'll lock account to filter out inactive people to understand.

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Hey #Mastodon / #Pleroma creatures, which interface(s) do you use on a regular basis, and if you feel like explaining, why do you like it? Select all that apply!

Boosts for visibility would be much appreciated!

I've just understood one single thing regarding computer usage. My wife used my laptop running ArchLinux on AwesomeWM customized for my workflow. And she struggled just for several seconds, and got things done just fine. So, actually it is not that hard for people to adapt for different paradygm desktop environments than stacking ones. The customization is a struggle for people, but having sane defaults they will be able to do the work.

@freon They need to fight with Chrome. To get at least the same level, they simply had to implement WebExtensions to keep up with Chrome. And thanks to it, nowadays we have pretty decent Firefox, that is better than Chrome in much ways... But I miss XUL as well. It has more power than thise "WebExtensions"

I've been thinking, what exactly do I mean when I tell "Minimal Tech"? You can follow the link and read:


Thinking of running a FreeBSD on RaspberryPi. Here is my spare computer I can tinker with, while not breaking my laptop

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