> big companies can come up with a great UX look and feel

That is possible thanks to the looking from behind the shoulder of the user... They *actually* just test few ideas and choose the one with CTR being the highest. So... they don't come up, they just go to the best, step by step :)

@mysticmode well said, though this time is happening right now in the Apple ecosystem. Those "solo" and "indie" developers are really rocking great things :)

Currently in state of this comic


Haven't made a generator of RSS feed from my html page, but already want to rewrite the html parser I am making to get this at least working 😂

(yeah, I am writing an html parser by hands (mostly because I didn't find a solution that supports anything except jvm implementation of scala - and I want someday to make a simple binary out of project 😄️ ))

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@alexcleac Also the internet allows for better collaboration for open source projects. If you happen to get some people together with half decent skills and drive they'll make something decent.

Is it just me, or big software companies started making so worse software, so FOSS solutions feel almost as stable and easy to use as their product if not more (e.g. Linux vs Windows/OSx; Mastodon vs Twitter/Facebook)?

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An epiphany.

I'm no longer dazzled by computers anymore. I see computers as mundane appliances now, like a car or a microwave.

Yes, a car is basically an appliance, it just happens to have wheels.

@ataraxia937 you can do that using Microsoft's online office suite. Though, I presume you are looking for an open alterative. Then, Collabora Online is the closest one

It seems I've just f*cked up an interview for scala position...

I should get into learning more of FP if I want to land an FP job someday


1. Head (like, the thing on the shoulders)
2. Linux
3. IntelliJ
4. vim
5. vimwiki/notion/emacs org-mode/{pen&paper)

@elementary oh, I see now... It seems I was wrong about 5.1 at all... It seems that it is not a thing... Or is?

@elementary fast question: is it intended that 5 is default on elementary.io ? I thought there is already 5.1 available...

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It's sad that instead of using #GNOME Software, I have to use flathub.org and #Flatpak CLI to quickly and reliably search for and install applications.
It's supposed to be a centerpiece of our desktop experience 😞

@sesivany though, it seems that question is obsolete 🙃 Fedora or CentOS it is, right?

@xor from my experience the best way is to read the source code

I suffer from insomnia. Just can’t get asleep for two hours now :/

@dpwiz huh, thanks, it looks nice. Will look after my scala rush 😃

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