Achievement unlocked - deployed k8s service first time in my life. Two cans of RedBull and it is here :D

I'm feeling myself as a DevOps now πŸ˜‚

@veer66 try making aliases for them that will fit in your mind and make enough sense πŸ˜„ Or if it is project local, try makefile πŸ˜‚

Like I have an alias at git for rebasing to upstream, that does `git fetch && git rebase origin/master` while I tiped `git rt` πŸ€“

@codesections much people tells about Elementary and Mint Cinnamon here. I'm on the Cinnamon side - it's more close to what beginner Linux user should try out.

Also, something flavored with would be an option, but... it became not so good last days, I wish there was a way to install KDE4 - it was great for windows newcomer (I started moving to linux from it about 10 years ago)

Fuck those guys who tell that phone can't last longer than three days on battery. It is screenshot from Sony Xperia X, and I have more than 50% of battery at the end of 3rd day.

Just in case you tell I don't know the containers power. We use at work , but currently decided to move to docker and k8s, because creator of vagga and all our infrastructure made decision to quit.

Mostly, I like vagga, it feels like makefile merged with container building/running engine. But it's time to learn the "industry standart" for me to be valuable professional

After dockerizing application at work for a day while learning more of k8s, I found out that docker is not that bad in fact. It has it's great points of work and I mostly like them.

On the other hand, using docker containers makes you to create several Dockerfile's and a docker-compose.yaml file in your project directory, and write a makefile to make everything work smooth for you.

But that's not an issue for me now. The only thing I should remember to do: add a cron job to clean up all the images.

Sometimes I feel that soon I'll be working using not my work desktop, but using my laptop, because I experience strange headaches when get to the office.

Probably it is because there is no quiet place in the open-space πŸ˜”

@Wolf480pl probably yeah. On the other hand, I gain same level of focus in the morning. I have strange biorhythms πŸ˜‚

Me during the day: trying to land a probe with kerbin in
Me after night falls: what about moving self-hosted services to ?

Is there something wrong with me? πŸ™€

Today is the day of for me. Seems to be pretty awesome and interesting thing to use

@bugaevc I had very same emotions when I disabled it and everything went way faster and with less RAM lost for nothing. On the other hand, it is a bit less convenient to use without it.

But I found a way to deal with it on a laptop - made a four-finger gesture to open Gnome overlay πŸ˜‹

Now I feel myself like a masochist, because I was not using power tools, while I could. And I didn't use them because I thought that they are bad or not fitting myself.

After setting them up a bit, I can tell you - I was wrong. Gnome is great again (as found out, it was Dash2Dock killing it's performance, and now it feels great using it). No lags, no issues at all.

Smooth and great experience.

Fuck the negativity! πŸ˜„

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Re-announcing the first working version of my "FedoraBook" with SELinux and UEFI secure boot. Readonly /etc, split passwd/shadow/group/gshadow , TPM2 support with LUKS2 and clevis. Updates are done via A/B partitions.

#linux #fedora #selinux #secure #tpm #luks #clevis #uefi

@Otuk I guess diaspora has close possibilities. But AFAIK it doesn't have federation via ActivityPub

I'm procrastinating very much today, because I hate working on tasks, where managers made awful analysis of problem and make awful feedback on work I've done. Hate this part of work, when people blame me for doing task as fast as I can and blaming me for doing bad job after several months of testing.

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"Note: You can't take or upload photos from a desktop computer."

Don't be like Instagram. Embrace the web. :pixelfed:

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When this post is an hour old, it will be a week until :pixelfed: releases federation support!

It's been quite the journey, I can't wait to release all the new features. πŸ˜‰ #pixelfed

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