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The more I explore module , the more I gain feeling that I write abstraction over abstraction that already has this things implemented. And manual doesn't help in any way!

Writing cli applications in is a bit painful, because damn, you have to invent a wheel, and this all trying to make it still beautiful and shiny. Maybe I'm doing something wrong probably :D

Found out how powerfull is library for . I used to think that it's just validation library, yet it allows to do so complex functional programming with magic operators, the haskell style

Fun thing about . It's type annotation system could be used to do the type checking with mypy or in runtime and to make it more stable. Or you can use it to do more metaprogramming and writing less code.

What should you choose?

Damn, just thought about programming languages and which I should learn in future after bothers me. You know, , , , etc. And now, I got a light bulb moment.

Why do I need to change language, if the one I work with currently allows mostly... everything could be possibly needed to do in the world.

If I need performance, install Cython, build slow modules and get it up to 1000x faster. Statistics - install jupyter, numpy, pandas etc. Web - install Flask (aiohttp). Desktop - pygtk/pyqt/tk

What if people used "as" expression for aliasing a variable at local scope in ?

Like this:
while (some_method() as x) > 0:

Please, if you like it, 'cause I'm pretty random guy at the internet ;D Thanks :)

Let me introduce myself here :)

My name is Alex, I'm kinda software engineer and guy. Using Linux for from about 2008 year, do , and learn .

Rarely write about my work and other experience and host little small site, where am going to place a blog soon. Sometimes I get frustrated with nowadays technologies and write it here ^_^

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