I've used pleroma for some time and I think that I generally like it, so @alex will become my primary account. Please follow it, because this account will have decreased activity.

This account will remain for testing though (at least until I figure out simple enough way to test it without an actual server)

I have written first update on in case you are interested and development progress. Feel free to follow those updates 😄️


I am going on vacation from this Friday till next week. I think there will be some updates on 😉

It is so strange and fluttering to see people building for different platforms, including and 😁

v0.2.1-beta5 is in review on . Hope it will be reviewed soon 🎉

Kudos to Marie-Joseph[1] for help fixing build :awesome:

(build didn't fail this time 😉 )

1: github.com/Marie-Joseph

I have submitted for a review a new version of mostly with crashes fixes and stability improvements. Hope you will enjoy new version as I do 😁️

Working to make a bit more stable. If you know any issues bothering you right now, feel free to share them github.com/cleac/olifant/issue

Sorry, if I am responding to issues more than after a week they were created: I had a really lot of work to do at work and in my life. Please be aware that eventually I will react to them sooner or later (at least during two-three weeks). I have pretty hard schedule to give project all the attention it requires

In case you are like me, is available on . I event didn't notice when it had passed the review 🎉

So, feel free to install and use appcenter.elementary.io/com.gi

So, finally I've submitted a forked with a new name. Hope I there will be no issues 😁

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Trying to submit under a new name. Have some struggles in a process 😔

Also, small update on . I think I am going to recreate repository, because it seems that elementary dashboard does not update project's name after repository renaming.

Sorry for inconvenience to everyone...

find, sed, grep and mv are sponsors of applying name 😁

I have a small major update about my fork of . Thanks to previous polls, now it has a bit different name: . From now and further, I will no longer use previous name 😀

And, it seems that it will get a really awesome icon for release. It is a kind of draft version, but I absolutely love the look. Great thanks to github.com/hanaral for great work!

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