I am too lazy to switch website to any templating engine, so I am writing an html scraper that will scrape my page to generate atom feed.

Another post about . This one is about getting offline: it's benefits for me and unexpected things


TAnd remember, whole internet is still a place that tries to such all your attention into it. Even such lovely place as fediverse ^_^

And, I'm back again with . Another take on my jumping back and forth with simpler technologies :)


Now a look at slightly from different perspective. There is low probabilty that you will be a more productive developer if you will use plain old and you code in modern languages that a guy with an . (except you turn your vim into IDE)


So, I've got my laptop back after the cooling has got fixed. While my laptop was being fixed, I've been using an android tablet with from a previous post. Here are somethings I've learnt related to


I've been configuring a environment on my tablet and wanted to have mutt email in there too. And I didn't want to put passwords in plaintext everywhere. So, this is how I've figured the thing out. Kinda , but with a bit more power 😉


Ok then, I was occasionally looking at desktop environments of colleagues when dealing with some weird bugs and I have a thought about window manager modes people tent do use.

So, I set down in the evening, and wrote this: cleac.me/minimal-tech.html#10-

One more entry in , now about tiling window managers, yaaaay.

Hope you will enjoy it :)

After some period of time, I am switching to . Some sshort thoughts on it are in my recent


Sorry it took so long, I had an awful lot of job. My mentor moved to another company, and I took part of his responsibilities. But now I'm back, think will add something new and interesting here

One more entry on . Not much of a discovery of mine, but it's worth of mentioning ^_^
This time it's on how I listen to music


Here is the first entry of on how found brutaldon for myself, what I like about it and what don't.
I called it "Getting Brütal"


Decided to start a kind of logging of how I discover simpler and more minimal technology in web log format :)

You can find it at here cleac.me/minimal-tech.html

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