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Managed out synchronisation of calendar for iPhone and laptop via posteo calendar service.

Still feel like is going to break the synchronisation after I restart machine.

Couldn’t find an affordable graphical syncing calendar app for except gnome calendar, Evolution or KDE integrated or was not integrated into email 😒 I don’t want spend weekend making one 😬

Sometimes I want to have several small computers to try out lightweight setups just for fun and to avoid wish to try something different on my primary laptop.

I have pledged project:

if you want to make more competitive to other operating systems from professional usage perspective, mind making a pledge too 😉

Switched back to version of firefox instead of one. My laptop just lagged too much while using it 😄

Have subscribed to hashtag. There is lot's of interesting stuff to keep up with Linux. Totally recommend doing this

I hate one single thing in , and it’s name is “PackageKit”. It consumes lots of CPU and RAM to show notification that there are updates to install and to install them with system reboot. Totally not way of dealing with updates

Last evening I was doing two things at the same time:

1 - I was writing a universal DSL for querying languages using native type hinting (I call it naiiveORM). Will open source it when ready.

2 - I was playing Serious Sam: First Encounter. I’ve played it a bit when I was a child, but now I like it so much. And all that on thanks to .

Removing most of electrom apps because they made my machine be slow and stupid 💩 Made desktop good again for me 😄

Can you recommend nice guide on how to use "ip"? Please, if possible, don't refer me to man pages, I don't want to dive that deep 😄 I just want to figure it out for a little-tiny-bit

Totally agree with @BabyWOGUE on this topic:

This is totally the reason why I paid 5$ per month to even while not using it. Because those guys without that money won't be able to contribute into desktop development which makes more suitable platform for users.

☁ ~ uptime
09:08:04 up 32 days, 19:25, 6 users, load average: 0.46, 0.26, 0.29

It's my work machine, using which I write code at work. This is why I love lightweight solutions, and .

A friend of mine blames for last time for that it works pretty awful nowadays, and mostly sucks while used when using bit older software with newer one in the same time. And that just because he had issues with running on .

That's the thing, IMO, Torvalds tries to prevent by shouting "WE DO NO REGRESSIONS". And that's what I would be happy to do on daily work. But it is as it is.

On the other hand, he could write to issue tracker instead of blaming. Or help fix bug...

Linux gaming became way better with steam's new platform. Had some great time playing a windows game by (authors of Brütal Legend).

Learn about ease of use of inotify-tools instruments. It's simple awesome, and how dumb are people for writing same things nodemon or else...

It reminds me of and

Let me introduce myself here :)

My name is Alex, I'm kinda software engineer and guy. Using Linux for from about 2008 year, do , and learn .

Rarely write about my work and other experience and host little small site, where am going to place a blog soon. Sometimes I get frustrated with nowadays technologies and write it here ^_^

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