Is there a way to share internet connectivity from linux laptop to ubports phone? I have a Nexus 5 with dead Wi-Fi and no matching sim card to get at least some connectivitty...

Okaaay, this is strange, but I couldn't make this work. However I started thinking that I am trying to do something strange and stupid.

Probably somebody could give me a hint. I was trying to make Fedora to use the same partition for "/boot" as ArchLinux does. Is that stupid?

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The thing bothered me a lot on elementary works on fedora great as native. It's a possibility to switch typing languages as fast as possible.

The biggest trolling of - a default nginx page that has a "Powered by " badge.

By the way, at last I've found out, why sysadmins so much like CentOS among other distributions. It *is* really neat for servers

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Which channels should I join on ? I like , , applications and .

(I am "alexcleac" there as well)

There are some interesting concepts and ideas at I wish I had in for a long time.

For instance, possibility to use a tablet as an additional screen for a laptop. I know it is theoretically achievable, but it has to take some effort to do.

After spending really really lot of time playing games I've finally realized, why did I switch to as a daily driver at the first place. I switched from because I spent too much time playing games and doing nothing valuable.

So it is the time to remove steam and do something valuable

Was talking to one of older colleagues who were professional developers, when raised.

Got an unpopular opinion that it was not that great people were speaking of it. There were more superior POSIX compillant OSes, e.g. . Lots of features Linux has now were there about 19 years ago.

Why people are so obsessed with Linux then? Is it a hype, and in 10 years we'll call Linux an awful legacy?

Giving my laptop some hard time in recoding thing from mp3 to ogg. Also, first time in my life I found out that it is easier to write a script that to write script to work with files with spaces. It took for about several hours to try making script in bash and about 15 minutes to write a python script that does literally the same, faster and more stable! is hard :D

I have a tmux session which lives for a week now. It is that session, where I manage my tasks, read news titles, browse mastodon and listen to music. It is awesome feeling to have most of things I do in .

Feel myself a

I found a fun way to get running nice on . The algorithm works only with X11. Here it is:

$ xrandr --output <output> --scale .7x.7
$ flatpak run com.viber.Viber
$ xrandr --output <output> --scale 1x1

Now you have a viber window in nice DPI. Hate those messengers...

Switched intel_pstate to generic kernel driver and switched to conservative governor. Got additional ~30 minutes on battery.

And I thought that intel_pstate should be a default driver for intel-based CPU. But it seems that generic driver gives me more power and control over the CPU usage.

Love that thing in

Have been testing out in a virtual machine. Things I`ve learnt:

1. Try avoiding installation things not from recommended in AppCenter at system. Use the executable or AppImage if available (second is great, first is ok);

2. Probably there is no flatpak/snap support in AppCenter;

3. It can work on 2 GiB of RAM (but 4 is beter). But system should have at least 2 cores CPU;

4. has very different usage logic than Gnome despite is built on top of it;

5. Miss desktop icons.

I just got that I didn't send my new look of desktop. Another my contribution to and at fediverse

My current setup is based on:

Found nice interface to deal with on . It is named AQemu, pretty like it 😄

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