The biggest trolling of - a default nginx page that has a "Powered by " badge.

By the way, at last I've found out, why sysadmins so much like CentOS among other distributions. It *is* really neat for servers

I start understanding, why people so agressively ignore new technologies in their lifes. It's just they are afraid that new technology is hard to learn or use....

Like my wife installed to her elder laptop without any of my help, just herself. And she told me that it was way easier than installing . And faster. Truly, is the only way that wins in the end :D

I hate one single thing in , and it’s name is “PackageKit”. It consumes lots of CPU and RAM to show notification that there are updates to install and to install them with system reboot. Totally not way of dealing with updates

Moved back to . There were small issues that were bothering me, e.g. a huge delay when I change keyboard layout to english.

Also, raw , even with several plugins, feels way faster than . Whole system feels less overloaded with things. Even when I start IDE (IntelliJ Idea) 😄

Spent whole evening reading around and community guides and found myself overwhelmed with information 😔 It will take much more time for me to figure out, how can I help at all

There is so much information and contribution guides etc, so it became nearly impossibly to get people away of open source projects to contributing for big projects like . Even if they have real courage and desire to contribute 😔

that there is a dnf-3 command in , which uses python3 to run application :D It looks so like at place where I work - we do the same thing to migrate to python3

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