Listening to music written by and writing running on on . Damn, this evening is pretty damn awesome!

When i want things just to work, I log in . But when I want to get the job done, I start . It feels strange, but the latter makes me and the computer work way more efficient πŸ˜‹

However this duality feels a bit strange πŸ˜•

I gonna try way-cooler tonight. It feels like alternative to writter in for πŸ˜„ Seems waaay cooler πŸ˜„

Now I can understand, why I felt at home while using . Using gives me the very same feeling, like I can do anything and make everything 100% fit my needs.

First I've tried it at work desktopt, then on my own laptop. It feels so awesome, so great.

Checking out after long time of and . Well, it feels pretty nice and stable now, although I don't like default fonts at all. And they've fixed ugly look of new style applications, added some support for touchscreens and give better experience of upgrading packages and Gnome

that personal computer must be *personal*. It means that you use some things not because they are popular, but because you feel at home while using them.

I've installed back after some time running and , and at last. I feel at home, like never before.

Just my laptop with this basic window manager makes me feel way better than fancy gnome on several machines. I feel at home, which I didn't while I was using user-oriented desktop environments.

☁ ~ uptime
09:08:04 up 32 days, 19:25, 6 users, load average: 0.46, 0.26, 0.29

It's my work machine, using which I write code at work. This is why I love lightweight solutions, and .

Back to baking up config and cleaning it up. Love that thing in tiling window managers - it's scriptability

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