I have a small major update about my fork of . Thanks to previous polls, now it has a bit different name: . From now and further, I will no longer use previous name 😀

And, it seems that it will get a really awesome icon for release. It is a kind of draft version, but I absolutely love the look. Great thanks to github.com/hanaral for great work!

Trying to abstract out the quarantine. This sounds makes you fly, especially when combined with hookah. A new discovery of mine


So, I have been trying to work through forking . Here is the idea I've been having: the name is "Elevalley", and you can see the logo on picture. What do you think about it? Next post will be poll for feedback, but I would appreciate a suggestions and healthy criticism in reply to this post.

It seems that opensource.com editors are not aware that FreeBSD is not a Linux.

Good morning to everybody. Today I am going to try setting up matplotlib, numpy and more on Windows.


This sounds great!

> The functional programmer sounds rather like a medieval monk denying himself the pleasures of life in the hope it will make him virtuous

Source: youtu.be/ycrpJrcWMp4?t=215

users, did someone get this message? Do you know some information about this email? It seems a bit suspicious for me, because:
1. naver.com domain of sender
2. link leads to isun.co, which is not posteo as well.

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