So, I have been trying to work through forking . Here is the idea I've been having: the name is "Elevalley", and you can see the logo on picture. What do you think about it? Next post will be poll for feedback, but I would appreciate a suggestions and healthy criticism in reply to this post.

It seems that editors are not aware that FreeBSD is not a Linux.

Good morning to everybody. Today I am going to try setting up matplotlib, numpy and more on Windows.


This sounds great!

> The functional programmer sounds rather like a medieval monk denying himself the pleasures of life in the hope it will make him virtuous


users, did someone get this message? Do you know some information about this email? It seems a bit suspicious for me, because:
1. domain of sender
2. link leads to, which is not posteo as well.

Time for a bit revamped screenshot. Everything stable at here now, just the wallpaper change and slight optimization & simplification :)

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