Time for a bit revamped screenshot. Everything stable at here now, just the wallpaper change and slight optimization & simplification :)

The awesome part of current : the service stopped serving and responded with 503 all the time. I killed the pod, restarted it, and problem got solved.

Some random screenshot in the middle of process. Made accidentally because of screenshot button being to close to the "Delete" button

And now you *must* be happy, because we've just added scrollbars!

It seems that I am becoming obsessed with learning new languages πŸ˜‹

Being a bit angry about how developers care about other developers. Have opened a documentation for some library, and I could bare read it. So I've opened dev tools and fixed my possibility to read it in three minutes.

Here is a web page: julien-truffaut.github.io/Mono

CSS rules I've applied:

body { font-size: 16px; color: black; }
-content-wrapper section pre code { font-size: 16px; }

Accessibility is really easy! Why people don't care about possibility to use in favor of "glance"?

I feel a bit mad. I run in VM and use it for browsing internet πŸ˜•

I just got that I didn't send my new look of desktop. Another my contribution to and at fediverse

My current setup is based on:

Tonight I was playing with and gtk. Here is what I made using language I don't know and framework I was trying for a second or third time (but this time from scratch and without Gnome Builder but Jetbrains CLion) 😁

Docs at gtk-rs.org/ look... pretty deep but not enough for me. And sometimes they reference to non-existing pages at original GTK documentation πŸ˜•

Now I've got one more reason to use . I can place bookmarks next to address bar, so that I have not two huge ugly panels that waste much space, but one filled with content ^_^

This is totally awesome

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