What else you can do in the first day after vacation? Sure - updating fedora workstation

Fuck those guys who tell that phone can't last longer than three days on battery. It is screenshot from Sony Xperia X, and I have more than 50% of battery at the end of 3rd day.

Today is the day of for me. Seems to be pretty awesome and interesting thing to use

in . It seems that it's the only web site that I made working inside it in several minutes

Damn, so much posts about , and I have simply no updates in visual of my laptop, so I'll post something from older things.

Old screenshot, from 2013 year, made from my laptop. It was running Linux Mint KDE, customized for how I wanted to see it :D I was a fan of My Little Pony then

Current mood: waiting for CI to finish build. Replace compiling with container is building in the picture

Is there an outage with @fdroidorg or it'a something with connectivity? Experiencing such issue for a day...

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