I've used pleroma for some time and I think that I generally like it, so @alex will become my primary account. Please follow it, because this account will have decreased activity.

This account will remain for testing though (at least until I figure out simple enough way to test it without an actual server)

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@alexcleac @alex do you wanna support Pleroma features in Olifant?

It's super easy just by following docs.
@a1batross probably, but have no confidence at the moment. For now, I fixing at least basic compatibility of existing features with pleroma, then I have some shared features that are required for proper functioning:
1. Proper images displaying as long as ability to include images captions
2. Proper support for default posts visibility
3. Support for polls

Those are things that have much higher priority for me 😁

Though, I am happy for any kind of contribution into project. If you have interest in contributing support for pleroma-specific features into Olifant, feel free to do it 😉
@alex oh, of course, better focus on basic features, just didn't know what's the current state of your client.

Unfortunately, I'm already working on one but for Android.
@alex I also recommend looking at Pleroma's OpenAPI support (on develop branch only right now). It's more convinient than Mastodon API docs.
@a1batross thanks for recommendation, totally will check out 😁

@alexcleac @alex has the improvements been merged back in Tootle? I'm using the latter on #Mobian and, to my surprise, it's working reliably.

@federico3 @alexcleac AFAIK they were not. Olifant and Tootle are developing independently because they have different targeting platform: Tootle targeting at GTK-compatible platforms (specifically on Gnome), while Olifant targets at elementaryOS.
sorry for boosting this over and over again, it's just every time I do it, some person who was following @alexcleac, follows a new account 😁
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