@jlhertel mastodon is somehow resource hungry thing actually. I've tried hosting a server once, and it required pretty much resources.

Some time ago I saw a recommendation to run Mastodon on a 2-core system with at least 2GiB of RAM. For comparison, I am now running pleroma and it takes 200 MiB of RAM and about 15% CPU when I am actively using it.

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@alexcleac @jlhertel howerver, still you have to remember that hosting an instance is making yourself responsible for every decision you make... And there are pretty a lot of decisions to make when hosting a server 😁
@jlhertel sorry for replying from two different accouts 😂

Not sure what you mean with decision making. Can you expand on it?

Just to be clear: I'm already hosting a bunch of services and managing the server via SSH is a pleasure for me, so this is not a problem.

@jlhertel @alexcleac if you have some self-hosting experience, I think mastodon will give not much more 😁 Decisions are mostly related to: where to host static files, how to backup database, how to harden server, etc.

Some more administration is required from mastodon side, like which ActivityPub relays to connect (which is optional though) and which instances to quarantine from federation if you want.
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