In case you are not subscribed to my , I've got some new thoughts on automation

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@alexcleac ; have you tried Ansible? Makes doing glue work easier, and probably the number 1 feature is you can return to the automation plays at a later date and actually read them at a glance.

@alexcleac also ; error handling/idempotent - no more CASE sections

@jwp haven't, although I am aware of it. I like possibilities it is capable of, but it is a really huge overkill for my usecase: everything I am doing it is easier to implement in Bash, Python or just any programming language (btw, Ansible is written in Python 😉)

@alexcleac ; pip install ansible

The point of ansible is it doesn't require anything on the controlled endpoint. And is simple; so would argue the overkill is python tbh.

@alexcleac Red Hat run a bunch of free workshops - I have been running them in ANZ over the Covid lockdown period, but am sure you'll have local to you ones as well. We publish the decks/provisioning scripts here: for a bunch of different use cases. Can run them up on local $whatever you have or AWS etc

@jwp like I said: automate your own way. This is yours and not mine 😉

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