In case you are like me, is available on . I event didn't notice when it had passed the review 🎉

So, feel free to install and use

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Just to be onest, there are lots of things to improve, and they are basically work in progress. Feel free to give feedback via github issues or any other way: it is highly appreciated!

@alexcleac hey, I saw that and figured you might show up in my TL. Do AppCenter devs all know each other or something? XD

@marie_joseph TBH I don't know much people besides original Olifant author and founders of elementary... I think there are some communities, but I am not aware of any 😁

@alexcleac oh well the dev of Odysseus and Rhapsode boosted your toot so I thought you might know each other :3 I'm just wee bab who thinks it's cool to talk to real programmers (especially when they make things I like and use) XD

@marie_joseph oh, I've forgot we are inside subscription circles of one another 😁

Speaking of "real programmer": for now, my contribution is smaller than I would want to have...

@alexcleac you're way young, you've got time. It seems like you're getting a good start :)

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