I am using smartphone and I charge it twice per week.

Yes, I am logged in into Google account.

No, it has not a huge battery. It's Galaxy A40.

I just use it only when I need it.

@Jari I don't take phone to hands when I have no clear intention that I have to achieve some task with it. And I don't use phone when I eat, drink coffee, use computer, go somewhere, visit bathroom etc.

@alexcleac I will do that but don't expect me to leave the phone when I go to do number 2 in the bathroom because I like to read and I use my phone as a ereader because I am broke right now. I wish someone gift me an old unused tablet with an old android version just to use it like an ereader... :ACNH_Sadness:

@Jari well, reading e-books does not consume much of energy 😉 Network connectivity takes a lot more

@alexcleac and there is so much stuff that wants your attention. To be honest, I've been have for me to focus in this days like I did before

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