What if there was a fully fledged Raspberry Pi 3b+ desktop computer?

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@alexcleac Why can't you already? The only issue I have faced so far with mine is playing video above 720p and running more than a few programs at a time, which I rarely do anyway. Live streaming the desktop sucks; I can't get above 5 FPS, but that's what happens when you use a 1080p monitor.

Go to about 13:53 to skip to the part in which I'm using my StreamPi script on an Rpi3 to live stream and record at the same time with no remote desktoping. #linux #raspberrypi

@TheOuterLinux Well, I am writing these words from RaspberryPi 3b+ running Alpine Linux and sway. And everything (except web pages with lots of JS) works perfectly smoothly :D That was not much of a question (:

@alexcleac If you want to know of a creative way to get around all of the JS but still have just enough for most sites to work, you try using SMTube like a web browser as it does have a URL bar you can enable. Most sites seem to treat it as if it is a mobile web browser. SMTube is essentially just a Webkit front-end to #linux

@TheOuterLinux in fact, most of the internet works fine without javascript. Not thqt fast and awesome, but fine

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