For some unknown reason I have started doing the thing about Mobile internet Bryan Lunduke is doing, and it feels great. My phone started to work way more on battery. So, my idea of unplugging works with any kind of devices

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Kind of pointless though because the point of a mobile phone is to be reachable. If you do everything by storing stuff offline first then you dont need a phone in the first place.

@boilingsteam Actually, the point of having a mobile phone is to be available via phone line. That does not require from me to be always attached to the internet. And why do I like having "smart" phone, is that it works great as a viable PDF reader, Shattered Pixel Dungeon game provider, fast note-taker I can easily sync when I need it. All the network connectivity I need can be short-term and transactional.

phone line? whoever uses that nowadays? most of peer to peer communication now occurs thru messengers, I can't recall last time any of my friends or family contacted me using my actual phone number.

@boilingsteam Generally those are not urgent communications and they can wait untill I get to my computer or enable mobile connectivity for different reason :)

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