I've discovered . Pretty nice software, and exactly what I needed to log some thoughts at work.

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@alexcleac be warned that jrnl puts everything in one file. Just FYI, if that does not fit your usecase, reconsider.

There's an issue to support multiple files, I opened it in ... 2014 I guess

@musicmatze Actually, I actually have no issue in having everything in a single file. Or should I?

@alexcleac no, not necessarily. If you only want to "journal" one domain, like "work", that's completely fine.

If you consider using a journal for work, one for private stuff, one for a particular hobby... then the story changes. But if it's only for one thing, go for it! 😄

@musicmatze Definitely just for work. But thanks for mentioning, however I prefer to write personal journal on paper ;)

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