Sometimes I want back to times, when protocols were dominant for IM. I am fed up with of having bunch of messengers on every single my computer: telegram, skype, slack and more. I just want to have a single client to talk to people.

And no, I don't want stickers and video messages. Audio messaging support would be very nice. But a *single* client, not bunches of them.

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What? You just need to filter friends by a messanger! I’m using only XMPP daily on all devices. With two caveats — for family I had to provision but then it works well. One customer of mine is using RocketChat but that’s only a browser tab and no real hassle.

By the way Conversations should get A/V support in "soon":

@wiktor honestly... I have not too much friends to chat with at all. So, if I switch to XMPP compatible-only, I will be chatting almost nobody :(

Is that a problem? I’ve got exactly one (1) friend I regularly chat using XMPP (I’ve got also family I setup and a few less known persons). I shut down Facebook and other proprietary services and I’ve got a lot of productive time. As a fallback SMS/phone call/e-mail exist.

Depending on your friends you can try convincing them to install It has easier onboarding and they’ll have each other in contact lists already. It’s pure XMPP so you can add your own number + JID there too.

@wiktor I am afraid that I will have 0 friends chatting with me at all in this case. Without this filter it is 1 at most :(


Try the web clients or get one of those electron app collections(stuff like rambox)

@wuwei @alexcleac "why don't you get cancer to try and cure your ebola?"


Lesser of two evils in terms of sys req

Browser way is still more secure though


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