has the mode to mimic Windows 10. Really? 😂

@alexcleac So it will suddenly have pop-ups urging you to update and shut down your PC at the most awkward timing?

@alexcleac Wait... it has a button that eats all available memory, throttles the CPU, then kernel panics?

@alexcleac Windows 10 works perfectly fine and stable, in a VM under Linux.

@gudenau @alexcleac Win10 requires a lot of computer, and Microsoft has mostly never been compatible with overclocking. But if the hardware is simplified (like emulation), it tends to run better. Way better than Linux runs under Hyper-V.

@AskChip @gudenau hyper-v is actually not that good virtual machine. VirtualBox is actually way better one (despite everybody being not happy with it) - it is faster, easier to use and lighter on resources.

@gudenau @AskChip really? O_o

Haven't encountered any bugs on windows. On linux - yes, but not on windows

@gudenau @alexcleac I've had headaches with Hyper-V at times, been a very long time since Virtualbox gave me a problem. And I work with both.

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