I've learned a new trick today:

xzcat <file> | dd of=<disk>

@ndegruchy I thought those things are called "pipes"... Or those words are interchangeable?

@alexcleac Pipeline would be an entire chain. Pipe would be one to the other.

@alexcleac Clever, knew about the gz version but not the xz version. Might be fun to make a generic version that works with the common compression formats.

@gudenau man xzcat tells:

unxz is equivalent to xz --decompress.
xzcat is equivalent to xz --decompress --stdout.
lzma is equivalent to xz --format=lzma.
unlzma is equivalent to xz --format=lzma --decompress.
lzcat is equivalent to xz --format=lzma --decompress --stdout.

Those are functionally aliases (but are not actual ones)

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