Just replaced a newer battery with factory-shipped one. And older battery works way better.

Strange 🤔️

@eggy can't do actually... Charging level is handled by the battery itself and it recalibrates during powercycle.

@alexcleac anecdote I've heard from a guy working in a car tire factory: tires are produced, tested and categorized into qualities, let's say A, A+, A++, B. B goes to market for cheap without brand name. A/A+ goes to retail. A++ goes exclusively to car manufactorers as OEM ware. In other words: you can never buy better quality tires than the ones that came with your new car. My guess is this applies to other industries as well.

@fabian probably it is. Though due to it is a xiaomi laptop, I was expecting that they will be close to the same garbage quality 🙃

But they are not

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