It seems that @inkscape will migrate to GTK3 faster than GTK4 is released. Great job, people !

@elia basically, they remove features which are not in line with GNOME UX guidelines. Like, your app can't have ciustom keybindings for ctrl+tab. There were more examples of this, with some enlightening discussions on the issue tracker, but I don't remember correctly.

It's a bit more complicated than this, but basically, if you use GTK outside of GNOME, your usecase is not valid according to upstream.

@elia hmm looks like Inkspace is part of GNOME though. Damn.

@Wolf480pl Yeah maybe they are the only one that follow the UX guidelines that they decide. I had to switch away from GNOME because of bugs and lag, but I think it has the best UX among the free DEs.
@Wolf480pl Though I can't get why they removed compatibility with tray icons, without providing a solid alternative.

@elia I've never used gnome 3, but based on what gnome devs write on issue trackers and in blog posts, I suspect that they design their software for an imaginary "model user" that exists only in their minds.

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