World is really in process of reinventing existing things. About a year ago CTO of company I am working for was speaking about making a universal bus to make everything able to work via "unified data stream, that will be possible to use with each language.

Today I've learnt about ESB[1] and it looks very much the thing he was talking about. It was invented in early ~2000


@alexcleac True. And it always doesn't take long for such an approach to again be discredited by both those who bring valid criticism and those who think everything beyond Unix pipes and text/plain is overengineered and should not exist at all. 😁

@z428 the point I am making is that people tend to rediscover things instead of reading books and learning. I start thinking that actually, the theory in IT is really undervalued.

Or I am becoming grumpy guy who yells at the cloud 😁

@alexcleac I'm on the same boat. 😉 Sometimes, however, I also try to understand why some ideas that repeatedly pop up still tend to "fail" several times. Like, as well, CORBA had a lot of what's needed for what they nowadays call microservice architecture ages ago. SOAP discarded most of these ideas. Now we're doing the same using modestly complex infrastructure such as Kubernetes and HTTP/JSON/REST. But maybe indeed it's just a matter of grumpiness... 😁

@z428 @alexcleac
IMO it's not a matter of grumpiness.

When people in IT reinvent things, mots of the time either:
a) someone made sth like this but better 20 years ago
b) someone tried to make it 20 years ago for reasons X, Y, and Z

In both cases, knowing the history of our field would help.

In case (a), sometimes the thing is still alive and all you need to do is look at the other side of the fence to see what people in other IT ecosystems are doing.

@Wolf480pl @alexcleac You're right. These days(?) it sometimes feels just like looking at the other side of the fence isn't really desirable if the other option is to completely start a project on one's own all anew. Not sure whether I am right here and (if at all) what could be causing this...

@alexcleac If he has budget to build it from scratch, show it to him.

If they build on foundations that are already in place, you save them money and become the cool guy in $company

@alexcleac Oh snappity.

Suggest it again. Make it your project, show them this, make some suckers work on it and claim your "progressing our company" benefits.

Talk to your boss, call him a wanker for not finishing shit.

Abandon project.

@m4iler @alexcleac
>If they build on foundations that are already in place

Not if understanding the foundations takes more time than rewriting from scratch

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