Is it just me, or big software companies started making so worse software, so FOSS solutions feel almost as stable and easy to use as their product if not more (e.g. Linux vs Windows/OSx; Mastodon vs Twitter/Facebook)?

@alexcleac Also the internet allows for better collaboration for open source projects. If you happen to get some people together with half decent skills and drive they'll make something decent.

@alexcleac "stable" is probably not the best comparison point, but "easy to use" is definitely becoming more of a thing. Big companies answer to shareholders first, advertisers second and users last. That means they've got incentives to do things like remove chronological ordering or apply The Algorithm, that for their advertising revenue is great but their user experience sucks.

So while big companies can come up with a great UX look and feel, it will have a permanent flaw that open source won't

> big companies can come up with a great UX look and feel

That is possible thanks to the looking from behind the shoulder of the user... They *actually* just test few ideas and choose the one with CTR being the highest. So... they don't come up, they just go to the best, step by step :)

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