Are there any swag available for purchase? Like hats and stickers, etc?

I've found a page with community-contributed sticker designs, but I'd be very happy to order those and be sure that money will go into

Boost is much appreciated

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Reason, why I want those: there are plenty of computers, that has gotten by friend of mine and myself. (because of it's better support for latest python3 versions than in ubuntu)

And I would like to spread fedora this way among my colleagues, because fedora users tend to have less pain with python. And they would see the fedora sticker and see that it is actually better :)

@rob currently Gnome, because I just want to get things done. But before I used AwesomeWM.

@alexcleac I’m not aware of any after Unixstickers closed up shop.

@da did they close up? That's very sad, I thought I just couldn't find them on the web...

@alexcleac Yes, they shut down in 2018-07. Got my favorite T-shirt from them. (The Fedora one isn’t as nice as the Debian one.)

@alexcleac The "real" red fedoras that Redhatters wear are strictly controlled, and protected with a trademark law (also, a bit expensive for swag, as they are real felt). However, there are straw hats given out on some events at the Red Hat booths, so you probably can buy those.

@deshipu yeah, I know about "red" hats. I would be very happy with actually a "blue" ones, you know, because "fedora" distro has blue colorscheme 😁

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