I start feeling that in 5-10 years python will become the new PHP. Everybody will hate it and still use it because it is the dominant thing, and it is easier to find a python developer than X-lang developer.

@alexcleac You mean more like "I start feeling that python IS the new PHP [...]"?

@alexcleac Happened to Perl, then PHP, then Python next?
Do we have a new "P"rogramming language coming up?

@galaxis @alexcleac
So, in 5-10 years, PHP will be like "have you heard about that weird language which allows you to write pretty horrible programs? Turns out it's not as bad as the legend says if you use it correctly. It's even better than Python! That being said... look at this new cool ugly monstrosity I just wrote!" ? I don't think so.

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