Statically typed compiled language:

- Hell, I even can't compile this, I am switching to python!

Dynamically typed scriptable language

> NoneType has no attribute "green"
- Hell, I am switching back to compiled language!

Loosely statically typed compiled language:

- WTF why does it return garbage data? Oh maybe I forgot to dereference a pointer here and it got converted to integer, let's see, maybe if I...

Loosely dynamically typed scripting language:

> 1 + 1 == 11
> "" == 0
- Hell I this is a madhouse, I'm out of here.

@Wolf480pl @alexcleac That latter problem is why I stopped using TCL and went in search of a dynamically typed language rather than an untyped one.

and then comes TypeScript which has static types but you can always use `any` type or insert `// @ts-ignore`

@selfisekai when you get to using anytype - then is it any different from dynamically typed language?

for the part of code where you use `any` - it's not. but if you use it in a single part just for some thing, it (mostly) doesn't make the rest of your code not typechecked.

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