You know what? Most of the things you don't like about windows can actually be disabled.

Except those damned white menubars. Hate those things 😠

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@alexcleac I love being able to disable Windows being closed-source so I (and others) can actually tell and trust what it's doing with things I give to it. One of it's best features.
(obvious /s)

@ZoeyGlobe meh, is that a trolling of some kind? πŸ˜‚

I actually can't predict, what it is doing at the moment 😁 But I feel comfortable with it now, because everything at least behaves pretty consistently unlike linux. For linux, there is only way to get full consistency: make remove gtk or qt completely. Which makes you to have pretty bad choise of software to use :/

@alexcleac I agree Qt and GTK do put some things in different places and it's random what a dev will choose to use, but so does Windows, with apps using their own thing like Steam, iTunes, etc etc.
More common for me to find most of my apps going with my system theme and window settings on Linux than it ever was on Windows.
If the difference between GTK and Qt annoys you Windows has apps that come included with it by default with Win 95 theming, Windows 7 theming, and the new modern Windows 10 theming.. so

@ZoeyGlobe actually, by telling "consistent", I mean the consistency in behavior at first place. Even modern fun UWP applications follow most some kind of same concepts with the older applications.

However, I don't use GUI applications that are older than 3-4 years after I've swiched from linux 😁

@alexcleac you do if you run Windows, many components haven't been updated since the 90's, like diskmgmt.msc, and the run prompt hasn't changed since Vista, cmd.exe is used internally a lot and that's not changed since Windows 7.
But yes, there are behaviour differences between Qt, GTK and other toolkit apps, agreed.

@alexcleac I think what @ZoeyGlobe was trying to say is that the things that __you__ don't like can be disabled, but those are not the same things that ZoeyGlobe or I or some other fedi user doesn't like.

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