There are some interesting concepts and ideas at I wish I had in for a long time.

For instance, possibility to use a tablet as an additional screen for a laptop. I know it is theoretically achievable, but it has to take some effort to do.

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But a "ugly" desktop aimed to be upgraded is hilarious! Isn't it a thing Steve Jobs forced not to do? 😂😂 😂

@alexcleac Yes, that seems part of the actual problem. In many situations, #FLOSS (especially on the desktop) seems focussed way more on rebuilding existing approaches an concepts than trying to come up with something completely *new*. Maybe a matter of innovation and budget, though.

@z428 in fact, the thing I am talking about is that these features are already here at the architecture side if things. It's just nobody have ever tried to achieve them.

It *was* possible in Linux to use another computer as an external display for a long time. Same thing to the dark theme. Same thing to isolated application execution environment. And more...

It's just everybody thinks that Linux is for nerds. And praise commercials when they do make things already available on Linux.

@alexcleac Yes. That's the case for most of these things: Generally, they would easily be possible from an architecture point of view. The challenge, in those things, is not to come up with technologies supporting such approaches but rather with drafting clear use cases and implementing them in a concise way. Dark theme is another brilliant example for that.

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