Canonical's track record of abandoning projects:

- Unity
- Upstart
- Mir
- Support for a bunch of derivatives
- Ubuntu Phone/Touch
- Ubuntu for Android
- ...

Still a good distro, but in case you wondered why I twitch briefly whenever I hear their name... now you know 😆

Thing is... even though their Ubuntu Phone may never have seen widespread adoption, it's actually been a good product. I've seen it, I personally know people who worked on it. I held it in my hands. It was really good!

If Canonical didn't manage to pull off this feat, I have little hope anyone else will. That means we'll have only a few closed source options in the predominating computing market of the near future: mobiles.


@fribbledom There's so much renewed activity in this area that I'm hopeful about getting a fully FLOSS phone in the near future.

There's The Pine Phone, Librem 5, PostmarketOS and even Ubuntu Touch seems to be (unofficially) alive.


@ayo @fribbledom the most ironic thing is that finally, after canonical filanny abandoned ubuntu touch, it has got kind of production ready. I think I will buy some older phone just to install ubports and check, how it works :D

@alexcleac @ayo @fribbledom Nexus 5s are sub-$100 now, very tempting for Ubuntu Touch and pmOS
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