What are the most powerful servers with self-hosting possibility? I am interested in possibility to share images, to federate and stability of work.

@alexcleac I've heard about:

- Prosody - written in Lua, easy to configure (I set one up for testing 4 years ago), used to be cutting edge with XEPs, used to be widespread among personal XMPP servers.

- ejabberd - written in Erlang, used to be stagnant but now it caught up and is leading the XEP development

- OpenFire - written in Java, has enterprise-y web GUI for configuring all kinds of stuff, probably heavy

- Tigase - written in Java, heavily optimized, poorly documented

@alexcleac I have no idea about their stability tho :(

@alexcleac Basically what these people listed. I tried getting Prosody to work with an onion service, still need to do that.

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