More I dive into more I understand that there is something wrong with .

Reason is very simple: Python declares to be expressive and easily language, but lately I feel that most of the time I just fight the interpreter to express my thoughts. And with Scala, I just write my thoughts straightforward, and they just work. Easily and fast, without any hacks and fighting language

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@alexcleac What are the kind of things you find harder to express in Python?

@cbowdon lots of in fact. For instance, type annotations are _evaluated_ at the moment of evaluating code, "if-statement" versus "if-expression", duality of standart library (sync vs async), requirement to put special symbols to split expression to several lines and many more.

Those small issues are not critical, but they bug the mind and you have to remember them while implementing small things. Also, I really make more complex things with less code and effort in . I feel *productive* using it.

@alexcleac Yep, some of those bug me too. Switching between a functional language and Python is painful. Not so bad if spending a long time in it though. Consequence of Python prizing readability over expressiveness I guess

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