Testing out a loadup of Raspberry Pi sftp server charged from solar battery pack. Testing 2 main things: possibility to run this thing in cold environment and possibility to run it only from solar power in winter.

Well, it didn't work out 😕 12W was not enough or it was too cold for battery to run nice

@alexcleac now you should test one thing...
eg. if it works off the battery in a warm area?

@Wolf480pl yeah, that is totally on my plan, but it feels that battery is dead, because it was drained to zero and now is charging for about an hour without much of result 😕

@Wolf480pl oh, I didn't get what you were talking about, me bad. Raspberry works great in warm area connected to wall charget, so the issue is with battery

@alexcleac no, you got it correctly before.
I meant with the solar battery in warm area. To tell if it's "12W not enough" or "too cold".

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