So far, the biggest problem getting people from using Windows to using #Linux is that there are a million different distros and 500+ solutions to every problem you can encounter. It's overwhelming. It then becomes an "evil I know vs the one I don't." But what the hardest obstacle for me is explaining that EVERY combination of distro versus solution is about 80% valid as long as you are willing to use your head, where as Microsoft would rather you use your wallet and be too scared to leave.

@TheOuterLinux yesterday I was thinking that almost every pretty known Linux YouTube channel does nothing but distributions overview. That felt strange, when I figured this out 😂😂😂

@alexcleac @TheOuterLinux most of YouTube these days is quickly put together vids of easily digested content that's designed to attract viewers and subscribers. Doesn't matter what the topic is, you can see it everywhere.

Also I suspect many people are like me and would rather read articles or blogs to find out things in depth.

Videos are for showing off flashy things.

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