There is so much information and contribution guides etc, so it became nearly impossibly to get people away of open source projects to contributing for big projects like . Even if they have real courage and desire to contribute πŸ˜”

Spent whole evening reading around and community guides and found myself overwhelmed with information πŸ˜” It will take much more time for me to figure out, how can I help at all

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@alexcleac If you want to contribute to GNOME, you can follow along here: πŸ‘

@ebassi it's the very place I was trying to figure out how to start. Didn't find much for python dev to help πŸ˜” Probably I should remember C to get started with Gnome contribution 😁

@alexcleac There are various projects using Python; from a dev perspective, these two should help you get started:

API references:
Beginners tutorial:

@alexcleac You should drop into the newcomers IRC channel, on πŸ˜„

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