Now I feel myself like a masochist, because I was not using power tools, while I could. And I didn't use them because I thought that they are bad or not fitting myself.

After setting them up a bit, I can tell you - I was wrong. Gnome is great again (as found out, it was Dash2Dock killing it's performance, and now it feels great using it). No lags, no issues at all.

Smooth and great experience.

Fuck the negativity! 😄

@alexcleac wait, so it's dash2dock slowing it down? Holy 💩, that actually makes perfect sense, so *that* is why LiveUSB was buttery smooth while my system is laggy. Thanks!!

@bugaevc I had very same emotions when I disabled it and everything went way faster and with less RAM lost for nothing. On the other hand, it is a bit less convenient to use without it.

But I found a way to deal with it on a laptop - made a four-finger gesture to open Gnome overlay 😋

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