Me during the day: trying to land a probe with kerbin in
Me after night falls: what about moving self-hosted services to ?

Is there something wrong with me? 🙀

Today is the day of for me. Seems to be pretty awesome and interesting thing to use

Now I feel myself like a masochist, because I was not using power tools, while I could. And I didn't use them because I thought that they are bad or not fitting myself.

After setting them up a bit, I can tell you - I was wrong. Gnome is great again (as found out, it was Dash2Dock killing it's performance, and now it feels great using it). No lags, no issues at all.

Smooth and great experience.

Fuck the negativity! 😄

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Re-announcing the first working version of my "FedoraBook" with SELinux and UEFI secure boot. Readonly /etc, split passwd/shadow/group/gshadow , TPM2 support with LUKS2 and clevis. Updates are done via A/B partitions.

#linux #fedora #selinux #secure #tpm #luks #clevis #uefi

I'm procrastinating very much today, because I hate working on tasks, where managers made awful analysis of problem and make awful feedback on work I've done. Hate this part of work, when people blame me for doing task as fast as I can and blaming me for doing bad job after several months of testing.

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"Note: You can't take or upload photos from a desktop computer."

Don't be like Instagram. Embrace the web. :pixelfed:

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When this post is an hour old, it will be a week until :pixelfed: releases federation support!

It's been quite the journey, I can't wait to release all the new features. 😉 #pixelfed

Just had an awful example of Internet being broken for me... by my ISP.

He gave strange DNS addresses, that were not able to resolve almost any service behind . And that felt pretty painful.

Good that there is project, which gives free DNS endpoints that allowed me to fix Internet for me. I'm gonna donate some amount of money for them today, to say thanks

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(1/2) I might have given you the impression that I hate the web. This is very false: I love the idea of the world wide web of interlinked documents. It's like a huge dictionary or a library or an archive of scientific papers. Actually, it's all three at the same time.

This web thing free, distributed and based on open protocols and formats, namely HTTP and HTML. There's a very simple native app called a "web browser"that let's you browse this web and follow references by just clicking on them.

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(2/2) I hate what this beautiful original concept turned into. Behemothic "web apps" that download tens of megabytes of JavaScript to run on the users' machines. Disgusting ads and tracking everywhere. Neverending chase for new "features" and frameworks that cause new incompatibilities and result in everyone using even more polyfills. Web browsers getting heavier and larger than the rest of OS, combined. Google Chrome monoculture. DRM. 1 fps scrolling. Electron.

How did we get here? 😥

It seems it became harder for me to spend time in social media 😁 That's why I disappear. There are too much interesting things to do, so it takes no sense in spending even a bit of time for reading a timeline

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I am so sick of fear-inducing news reports. People live in constant fear of stuff that is highly unlikely to affect them in any way.

But stuff that might actually kill you (sooner), like driving, showering in bath-tubs, smoking and drinking is perfectly fine.

Have been tinking lately about Linux, open-source and so-called unix-way.

What do you think is the biggest issue with all of them?

The state of web development in 2018: software developer tweaks UI of presentation web application using devtools right while running slides.. And tells that it looks OK on his Mac.

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Until now the "brutalist web design" label has been able to indicate basically anything: minimalist, nostalgic, defaultist websites, etc. In my opinion, this is the closest we have to a coherent and meaningful understanding of brutalism when it comes to the web:

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Purism’s Security and Privacy Focused Librem 5 Smartphone Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development. We're on schedule.

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I don't understand people who don't have music in their lives.

Today is birthday of :fedora:. Totally excite with fact that there are so much awesome distros nearby, different from Debian or "make-it-by-yourself" concept. (they are awesome too, but it gives us a choice)

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@bugaevc I'd highly recommend spending some time in the AOSP source tree—it is quite eye opening.

We already know a priori that a simpler system is easier to verify than a more complicated system.

A mobile OS that used Linux and didn't reinvent the wheel at every possible turn would be far more secure than AOSP, just by virtue of being independently auditable.

Linux+MUSL+Wayland+native toolkit would be more provably secure than AOSP, by *far*, and would be on par with the design of iOS, ObjC aside.

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