Visited one local shop and found out, when the D&D parties run their games there. Hope I will find a party soon 😋

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Announcing the #ForgeFed ticket comment federation demo! The first ForgeFed demo :)

It's implemented on Vervis (whose UI is very lacking at the moment, sorry for that) and uses #ActivityPub (with some little custom details, I'll write about them soon!). Demo details and instructions here:

Thoughts, feedback, bug reports and questions are very very welcome :)


Huh, there is a plenty of decent FOSS software for android 🤔 I pretty like it (especially, when a 3 year old phone can work twice as pretty damn new refabricated iphone)

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I hate ubuntu at the very same level I like fedora. Or I my hands are so bad so Ubuntu keeps breaking when I use it :/

Oh, I've found the thing that made firefox slow. It's the Container Tabs :/

The saddest thing about firefox is it's speed of JS. So it runs fast, when you don't use any. But when you start using at least some... You are dead.

Hope they will fix it soon :)

Oh, my laptop battery is dead. 29% of original capacity - that's pretty painful :/

It seems that I am becoming obsessed with learning new languages 😋

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I love how most of the fediverse seems to be flavor of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, demi-gender, etc.. I wanna see the stats! Tell me who you are!

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Pushing features to production,

It seems that streaming is popupar among programmers today :)

Huh, every second query to ends with HTTP 500. And THAT is the reason I love python for

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The time has come. I have written an article that you all must read. Then you can begin the 15 minutes of hate with my picture as your subject.

Purism's Gamble

This is pure opinion and after writing it, I have realized that it is more focused on GNOME than on Purism, though in a nuanced way, I am indeed speaking about Purism. Anyway, just go look at it and begin the hatred for yours truly!


One more entry on . Not much of a discovery of mine, but it's worth of mentioning ^_^
This time it's on how I listen to music

Hell, I've dealt with most of my project debts at work while producing some technical. Next week: dealing with technical debt and fixing bugs ^_^

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Well, it's official. I hate reducer pattern. Every. Single. Implementation of it.

It makes my life way worse

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@alcinnz cool things #FOSS let's you do... Like live your principles...

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