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And I've found out that I am one of those guys who don't have the introduction pinned to the top of profile. Time to fix it

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Supporting the mental health of open source maintainers and contributors has always been a major priority for me. I've put a lot of thought and effort into a healthy approach to FOSS software development. Please reach out if you're struggling.

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Thanks for the bandwhich recommendation in software picks. Really like the tool to profile network bandwidth usage

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Long explanation of distributed git workflows I sent to a client to explain the SourceHut approach 

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I think the Age of Discovery might have contaminated westerners with this notion that information about something far away is better than information about something nearby.

This might be a partial explanation for why seemingly everyone can tell some weird mytho-history of the Greeks and Romans, thousands of miles and years away, while no one can tell me with confidence what this fucking plant growing all over my town, today, is.

It is soo good that I have spent some time experimenting with bright colorscheme! Now I am able to code even if I forgot my eyeglasses

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I think maybe the revival of retro-inspired hardware is more than just nostalgia or aesthetic preference

There was a distinct priority given to actual usability before so many of our interactions became "flat". Extreme minimalism takes away from the joy of interacting with technology

Part of why modern tech feels sterile is because the human interaction has no tactile feedback at all. We're barely holding on to physical keyboards as it is

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Links, Lynx, w3m, firefox, konqueror, are the only remaining original browser implementations. If you use chrome or safari you have KDE project to thank for it.

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I've been thinking that working on marketing for libre projects would be awesome!

Is there anyone on the fediverse I could talk to about getting a leg into that industry?

And I'm not talking about just drawings and illustrations but graphics, photoediting and videos, and finally ideas / marketing strategies.

I think I could be a great asset to projects out there.

Please share!

#linux #libre #foss #floss #opensource #libregames #mastoart #art #creative toots

I've just removed a line with "gc.collect()" in work codebase and everything became way and less resource hungry. That is why you shouldn't put it everywhere you want!

There are very fun kinds of managers. They expect that you can code for 8 hours straight.

Today morning I probably has gotten shot on a starnger's mobile phone while commuting and still am sitting behind the glass wall so that everybody can see, what I am doing on the screen. And I am told I am too paranoid.

What the f**k? What if I just wanted not to be shot, when I don't want to? And this is my right which is not respected...

VP8 is >10x faster than VP9, while giving relatively close compression rate. In ffmpeg terminology, libvpx can do your coding job faster than libvpx-vp9 (which is default codec for webm format).

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Iran Accepts Shooting Down Ukraine Passenger Plane ‘Unintentionally’

Well. I guess it's official then. That's a lot of lives for an 'oops'. Poor Ukraine keeps taking hits like this.

For some unknown reason I have started doing the thing about Mobile internet Bryan Lunduke is doing, and it feels great. My phone started to work way more on battery. So, my idea of unplugging works with any kind of devices

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complaints, IT 

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I think I'm gonna regret it... But which books in Computer Science and Maths would you recommend to have in paper?

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