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I disapprove adopting annoying ideas from . Now two clicks are necessary to move developer tools to right of the browser window.

I gonna try way-cooler tonight. It feels like alternative to writter in for πŸ˜„ Seems waaay cooler πŸ˜„

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Toxic masculinity. Does that mean all masculinity is bad? No! Not at all.

This comic explains it fairly well. The term Toxic Masculinity is from Social Sciences, to help explain certain problems in the current image of Masculinity, which hurts both men and women.

Jira is an example of awful site design. You can't use it with shrinked browser. And you can't benefit of having debug toolbar panel moved to separate window while using browser as usual

I hate one single thing in , and it’s name is β€œPackageKit”. It consumes lots of CPU and RAM to show notification that there are updates to install and to install them with system reboot. Totally not way of dealing with updates

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Finally this happened!

#Friendica 2019.01 release now officially supports #activitypub out of the gate.

From their #changelong:

''The AP functionality was tested with Hubzilla, #Mastodon, #NextcloudSocial, #Osada, #PeerTube, with #Pixelfed and #Pleroma.''

Another bunch of users to interact with... a more viable alternative to FB and #Diaspora, because #activitypub (and #zot) is the future of decentralised social net.

Thank you guys,

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β™² I work in IT, which is the reason our house has:
- mechanical locks
- mechanical windows
- routers using OpenWRT
- no smart home crap
- no Alexa/Google Assistant/...
- no internet connected thermostats

Well, now even my wife admitted that free software is potentially more powerful :D Thanks to πŸ˜„

I really start understanding, why software should be free. If it is, you at least can do something, when it does not work

Well, iPhone is kind of can't work with Kodi. And when I try to install a Kodi remote, I can't, because it requires from me card information and does not accept the card where there is no money

What the f**k?

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Advocates of "open-source" seem truly shocked at the erosion of what that was supposed to mean, failing to realize that it's a natural consequence of the capitalism they championed while eroding the term "free software".

Such erosion has been going on for years, a category I'd describe as "source available" has been established by the likes of Epic a while ago, the only difference being that the likes of MongoDB would like to get the PR benefit of "open-source", while being "source available".

Thinking about building a cluster of VPS's with Ceph storage and nextcloud on top of this. What do you think, is this a good idea?

Any recommendation how to turn an Apple fun to FOSS?

Just trying to switch my wife to FSF side of things, and I feel failing this one :/ She thinks I am just a strange kind of nerd :(

Yaaaaay, my proposal into will be reviewed in a few days 😁

I hope... At least πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Is there a way to stop being sentimental about computers?

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I have just killed all production instances. They got online back, but that was funny. I executed long script with much pipes, and it did greatly what it was expected to do.

And killed instances, that I meant to be staging, not production :πŸ˜„

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