However, in default setup it makes your browser to use a bit more resources than before. How to fix this: you can go to "More" tab, and switch from "dynamic" mode to "filter+" mode and enable "dynamic" or any other for sites that are harder to tweak. And this make your web experience dark and pretty fast

In case you are using , or , there is awesome called dark reader ( It is really awesome, highly customizable and powerful out of box.

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Wow! This is amazing. With the latest AnySoftKeyboard update swipe typing gestures are actually useable!

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Need favicon designed. Any designer recommendations?

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#Browsh – A Modern Text Based Browser Which Supports Graphics And Video because the WWW became bloated malware, not a bunch of pages you can just - GASP - read

Here is the first entry of on how found brutaldon for myself, what I like about it and what don't.
I called it "Getting BrΓΌtal"

Decided to start a kind of logging of how I discover simpler and more minimal technology in web log format :)

You can find it at here

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I recently wrote about how I get the other engineers at Artsy to write so many blog posts.

tl;dr is I wait for someone to do something blog post-worthy (which I have an expansive definition for) and then support them in achieving their knowledge-sharing goals.

check it out:

Haven't used for several months and when accidentally, got 90% of simple generic recommendations. And one video of :)

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Please remember that #Git is by nature distributed. So when migrating from (for example) #GitHub to (for example) #GitLab please, please, please do NOT create a brand new repository and git add the files, or the entire commit history will be lost. Instead, just push the existing repository to your new hosting service.

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Tried following the instructions on and it's actually less complicated than I thought it would be
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I'm afraid that it's not our views, nor our technology, but our behaviour that will eventually make this corner of the Fediverse unlivable.

The more we accept the spectacle of high profile infighting as normal, the more widespread it becomes, and eventually only people with a taste for conflict will want to live where everyone is hostile to each other.

We should all be prepared to fight for ourselves. But, remember: love for each other is praxis, too.

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"Can we all please stop using Medium now?"

Good post by

If you really must use Medium, publish the post first on your own blog and then use "Import a story" feature within Medium to post it there too. You get best of both worlds that way.

The thing I love in having a coffee machine at home: you can have *tasty* coffee any time you want, free of charge and without waiting for anybody

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jq is a handy commandline tool for quickly pretty-printing JSON strings.

$ echo "{\"make\": {\"me\": \"pretty\"}}" | jq

"make": {
"me": "pretty"

#json #jq

Tmux 2.9a has breaking changes :/ Now my colors are broken :/

Switched to terminal instead of . It is really nice, fast and shiny. However, for now I can't find out how to make static customizations because I have no access to sources :/
Gonna dig into it

@sir was watching to your screencast on how do you do code reviews. Just curious, do you sometimes temporarily apply changes to get the full picture of code with patch?

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