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Please, be aware that I will accept the follow request only in case I see that you are active on fediverse and/or your profile has an image and/or description

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And I've found out that I am one of those guys who don't have the introduction pinned to the top of profile. Time to fix it

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So, here is the poll: what do you think about name "Elevalley" and the logo? You can find them by the link

I would appreciate suggestions and boosts

So, I have been trying to work through forking . Here is the idea I've been having: the name is "Elevalley", and you can see the logo on picture. What do you think about it? Next post will be poll for feedback, but I would appreciate a suggestions and healthy criticism in reply to this post.

Also, in case you are wondering about tootle: it is still work in progress. I have some ideas on name and logo, though, and I will share them occasionally.

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In case you are wandering, where I've been:
* alive and not sick with any kind of pandemic
* starting up at
* keeping distance with any kind social media
* learning things: statistics, haskell, category theory, OSx and watching tech talks
* staying at home

Back from vacation :)

Today I will be drawing in inkscape πŸ˜„οΈ

Also, speaking of . I have not that good news: the Elementary team advices to change the icon and a name of project to decrease confusion with original version.

The reason is valid and though I was thinking that this can be done a bit later, but it is a blocker of some kind. I would appreciate any ideas on names and logo, because I am going through job application and it takes some amount of my time...

Curious thing I've read yesterday about . It seems that every post that is on front page is behind paywall. It's very odd IMO

Almost truth about my professional development. Just replace "Perl" with "Delphi"

Working on forked version of . Trying to make it into for people to be able to access mastodon even if they have polls in notifications 😁

I have a small question to people that have experience with licensing of GPLv3. Is it *required* to apply things stated under "How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs" in GPLv3 license? I am curious about "dialog box" in particular

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It seems that it is fine for Category Theory to operate every single possible Category including Category that contain Category that contain every single Category including all possible Categories that contain every single Category...


Just played Serious Sam for 20 minutes. All the other time comes to lectures on Category Theory... Hell there are lots of things to learn

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It seems that tootle (a Mastodon client for ElementaryOS) is inactive and has one issue bugging people. I was asked to fork a project, but I am sure I won't be able to make it work on my own (and I don't want to make any false promises like I did before).

Please, write if you would like to participate in any way. I would appreciate it a lot. Even if you can't, boost is highly appreciated

People are too afraid to make bugs. They should not be that afraid to make bugs. It is way cheaper and better to create several bugs and then fix them than to be afraid of editing code because it can invoke some insects wandering in the code

Code of conducts should be enforced *including* but not *limited* by FOSS and open source.

Fun thing about relation to . Function composition have almost similar notation, order and process.

a . b means "a after b"
a β—‹ b means "a after b"

It makes it a lot easier to understand and remember, what is order of elements in functions composition 😁

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