The following news title sparked my previous comment over screwing the internet so badly : "Germany wants to fine Facebook over hate speech, raising fears of censorship".. WTF man??

Why did we let the ex pillar of freedom and innovation we call the internet turn into s%$t? Hate speech, fake news, censorship , speed throttling monopolies, global surveillance, bullying, trolling.. Humanity was given a gift only to s%$t all over it. I hope we'll be given a second chance, one that would require a simple exam before use..

Today I used lynx to access a gopher server. If any of you know what I'm talking about you're either old or you know your tech history.

I was expecting the Microsoft update to Bash on Windows for the 32bit color support so that I would enjoy my custom color schemes on everything. Still not there. Back to my VM of i3 Manjaro it is.. If only I didn't have to use windows at work..

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The fact that I'm currently editing config files using ...on my phone, without breaking a sweat, makes me wonder of my geek level status. App developers try hard to make things simple and intuitive and yet here I am using a cryptic tool built on a different planet by today's standards that actually outperforms in speed all my other tries on touch editors.

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The server costs also doubled :\ But Patreon is mostly covering things. If you want to help out, check out

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The headline says "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update" and my brain reads "Windows 10 fails creators in Update"...

tip : If you're looking for a really quick way to open files you edit all the time you can use a global mark like so :
1. Open the file you want to have easily accessible
2. Once open you hit m plus a capital letter eg. for your vimrc you hit mV
3. Open another file and then hit `V ( that's backtick and then V ) and you're back in your vimrc.

Marks that use capital letters are called global and they persist between sessions as long as you don't overwrite them.

: In case you have folders with named images and are looking for a quick way to search and display the ones you're looking for using "feh" here's a one liner I've come up with to do just that. Create an executable text file on your path with the following

feh `find . -name '*'$1'*'`

notice the backticks before find and in the end.

There is no rational sounding explanation I can give to "app launching with the finger" friends about the versatility and speed of the Linux command line. You talk about the merits, they look at you like you speak an alien language.

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Just a few days under a week's usage into the #Solus install, with the budgie desktop.. Truth be told, I have to wonder why this wasn't made earlier. Had it been, I think it might have surpassed Ubuntu in popularity. But I am just guessing. Any ways to the @ikey and the rest of the Solus team. I think you guys are on to something. 👍

If you're looking for a browser on Linux that's fast and renders HTML5 video with hardware acceleration by default use
I've been going nuts with flickering problems on Chrome and Vivaldi (solved by disabling smooth scrolling on chrome://flags) and video acceleration not working so I decided to give the lightweight browser a try. To my surprise once video started playing my cpu was utilized as expected. I've been using smplayer for YouTube playback but wanted to be able to use a browser

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If anyone in your life has the 'nothing to hide' answer to the global citizen spying problem ask them how would they feel if they saw someone standing outside their house window staring in, whispering on a cell phone, FOREVER.

It's funny to see Linux distributions become Windows apps in the store. I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand you have the exposure to new devs, since no normal user would have a reason to install, on the other you empower the walled garden mentality of the store. Being open means that everyone is free to use it as they please, I'm just hoping that they'll give something back.

tip : If you are looking for help building your vimrc file you can visit

certainly gave me a few hints like

set listchars=eol:¬,tab:>·,trail:·
set list
that marks whitespace characters
set splitbelow
that opens new split windows under the old ones
and many others.

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