@alberto Imbattable. I only know of two comics of this guy and this is one of them.


image description: A 3 columns x 2 rows comic (first row: panels 1,2,3; second row: panels 4,5,6) in which a comic-aware superhero (panel 2) rescues a cat from a tree by grabbing it from the panel below (panel 5, in the future; the tree branch is easily accessible from panel 2) and gives it to the old lady owner. Later in panel 4, the lady notices there are two cats now, but in panel 5 the hero tells her it's a sync problem and asks her to check again.
At that moment the hero from panel 2 (in the past) grabs it, so in the next panel there's only one cat again in the lady's hands.

In the final panel the hero leaves the lady's yard as the lady notices the cat in the branch is no longer there; mission accomplished.

@rick_777 I am sincerely impressed that you managed to caption something so hard to explain

thank you for doing so

Explanation for blind people 

A friend of mine is blind and I wouldn't like them to miss all the fun.

To expand on this:

Imagine a diorama, a small cube encompassing a scene of life at a scale, with miniatures representing all objects / people that exist there.

A comic book is like copies of the same diorama, captured at different points in time, and arranged chronologically like rooms in a doll house.

The magic happens when the superhero can literally reach or move through adjacent rooms in this dollhouse, accessing different objects from past or future dioramas. Obviously the future is changed by his actions, so the next dioramas in the timeline are affected by his changes.

An alternative explanation is that the hero can open portals across space and time, but it's much funnier when following the rules and limitations of a comic book format.

@alberto Can’t tell whether or not the author had Schrödinger in mind with this

@alberto Amazing comic! The whole serie is a lot of fun :)

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