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What’s happening to Netflix is happening to many businesses all around the world, there isn’t any weird trend going around, the problem is that the “thinkers” of these companies took data from 2021 and made business plans on that data. They’re just dumb basically.

I’m not sure what’s the reasoning behind fleeing after buys it. Do people really think he is worse than Wall Street? I’m definitely not a fan of the guy since a long time, when almost everybody liked him, but this doesn’t make much sense to me.

#Python creator Guido van Rossum puts it plain and simple. Asked about what role python could play in the #web3 world, he says

„Let web3 die in a flaming ball of fire.“

People think with your own head whenever you can, humanity is imagination, we don’t have to keep doing things in a certain way because that’s what we always did.

The main issue of the war in Ukraine is that we’re forgetting about all the rest, in Italy we still have more daily deaths from Covid than deaths from the conflict in Ukraine, and don’t even let me start on climate change and the coming economic crisis, for which everyone is ready to blame the war and not business people being dumbfucks for the last decade or so.

Brief recap:
- Russia is still unable to win a simple war against a much weaker enemy
- Sweden and Finland will likely join NATO
- The Russian weaklings say that “there will be consequences”
- Nobody really cares that much because they are weaklings
- Weaklings at this point try to up the ante with nuclear weapons
- Nobody believes they are willing/capable anymore to do anything like that, unless weaklings want to get totally incinerated in like 2 days

Not bad for the week

Many people totally miss the point, building software is NOT like building a house, it's exactly like DESIGNING a house, and then you proceed selling exactly that the design. So comparing markets, costs and whatnot DOESN'T make any sense. The cost of producing software is comparable to R&D, so a sunk cost which economically speaking should NEVER be accounted for in the price definition. Welcome to the greatest scam of the human history.

Me working in Clojure on a rest service in a Java shop, my boss wants to sound competent and asks: are you testing by mocking requests, right?

My answer: why would I ever do that?

Always remember that cobol was once the new, shiny, funny thing, what we today consider “fun” will be the cobol of the future. It’s a lie that development is fun, but we seem to believe in it.

By the way another effect of the war in Ukraine is that Germany has become a military power again. Congratulations Putin, we will have fun in the next years. Idiot in chief.

Controversial view, war 

And here we are:

This is definitely an issue, if actions don’t have consequences it’s a free for all.

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Controversial view, war 

I perfectly understand and agree that regular Russians shouldn’t suffer consequences for the choices of a mafia controlled government, but if whatever their government (or someone else’s) does there are never consequences, how there would ever be change? In the end there are 140 millions Russians, if they really wanted change they can get it, so I guess some of the blame should be placed on them. It’s not easy to decide and I’m not saying this would be fair, but it’s real.

And in the 2000s we will see once again a violent showdown between democracy and authoritarianism. Is the latter the new fascism?

If we had to pay Mayans for their “patent” on mais, we wouldn’t be 8 billions on the planet and we most likely won’t have yet today’s technology.

I’m baffled that Europe is still buying Russian gas and happily paying it. I mean at least try to steal some.

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