scicloj community just released a beta version of a new machine learning library for #Clojure

Another 'version control' for ML just launched

The main idea behind this is: let's rebuild git from scratch, but lighter and more 'automagic' (but, wait actually no, because you have to change your code to use this...) so that you don't have to use git yourself!

The truth is that all of these projects fail because we want black magic and not having to think about these things.

A very good article about Turchin and cliodynamics

Though it is very clear that the whole "let's our way through history (and politics, and sociology, and anthropology, you get the point)" is still in its infancy, it is nonetheless very interesting

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The covid pandemic is contributing to generate other epidemics, such as measles:

Now, if you think that covid with an R factor of 3-4 is sneaky and terrifying, wait for measles to come back roaring, with a very nice R factor around 18 (yes, 18, not a typo)

I might call this talk "Software developers finding out that everything that we do (yes, even software) is actually a social activity and has to be studied as such if we want to understand it"

I wonder if it would be possible, but mostly if it would make sense, to have a cloud offering made of tiny machines (maybe even Raspberry Pis) that would of course not give you much performance, but it would be powered 100% from renewable sources and it could be good enough for simple websites.

Or maybe I just need some rest after a very long day πŸ˜…

The new programming paradigm: 'Let's do things in this way so that the IDE can work better with it'.

A new hobby: watching old Simpsons episodes and make gifs from memorable scenes

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Many are hoping for a vaccine at the beginning of 2021, but the probability of having a safe one in such little time is pretty low.

But even if we had a working and safe formula, we're missing the big picture: to make it effective we have to produce billions of doses.

Only this would probably take years to accomplish.

We're all fine and dandy with immutable strings (except PHP and Ruby people I guess???), but you should NEVER try to introduce immutable vectors and hashmaps!!!

@padraic_padraic it's cool (or not...) that we reached federation in software before than politically

So, an epidemiologist today said "if the trend remains exponential, in a week the number of contagions will be the double".

Now to me this sounds more or less like saying "the grass is green", or "the sky is blue", but I perfectly understand why you want to clearly state it for everyone to understand it.

People's reaction to this? "Enough with the scientists spreading terror and dread!!!"


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