The fact that when a PM, or president, or government resigns in a constitutional way, so no revolutions, the stock market collapses tells us a lot about the “rationality” of markets…

When presented to new "processes" (e.g. scrum, kanban, waterfall, etc) that dangerously look like rituals, always ask "cui bono" (who benefits)?

A huge economic crisis is coming, if this is true I'll become the most neoliberist persone to have ever lived: markets must be free, right? So if huge companies will fail and the rich owners will get ruined that's what should happen right? I won't accept even 1 coin of public money to go to them.

I’m in right now, my honeymoon tour got basically canceled because of the strike by indigenous people, and I’m not even mad because they’re freaking right!!!

They’re fighting for better public services, for stopping mining and related pollution and to lower the cost of living.

It’s hard to get info about this abroad, but possible, please if interested look for some infos on this (look for conaie) and spread the word about this!

@deshipu also operating whenever they feel like it, imagine a washing machine operating like windows updates

@rust_discussions the answer is likely no, not because this isn't interesting or well done, but because 90% of people using pandas learn that and avoid learning anything else, moreover while I appreciate laziness you might want to take a look at what happened to TensorFlow after PyTorch came out and it was eager...

"Non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa" - Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy

Transl.: "Let's not think about them, just watch and move", Dante writes this about slothful people

A wonderfully written article about COVID-19 and violence in Guayaquil (Ecuador), I'll be visiting Ecuador soon and I am starting to care deeply about people there!

@derek meh, bloated process used to control people. Moreover as soon you measure something as a proxy for performance or progress it becomes meaningless

I hate the assumption of dichotomy: am I critical of the externalities of capitalism? I must be a Marxist! Am I critical of Russian politics? I must be a pro American!

That’s not true in any way, I can dislike all of them in the same exact way, I might be focusing on just one at a time for reasons of time, clarity and simplicity.

@Wraptile but that's the dystopia we live in today, moreover someone might say that your job is meaningless and it could be automated at least at 90% given enough time and investment.

I understand the point and I agree, but it's important for me to make people realize that we already live in "that world", it's just a matter of realizing it 😃

P.S.: "efficiency" is an empty concept, never rely on it in order to evaluate meaning

This is another good example:

The guy was part of a culture where doing something like this is not just ok, but highly considered. So I am surely interested in understanding the reasons and the thoughts, but I’ll never justify the deed

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@derek yes, especially if you look into low pressure with the possibility to combine it with a central high pressure plant

@derek geothermal is even better, but for some reason has become taboo

Cultural relativism was a school of anthropology in vogue in the USA at the beginning of the XXth century, since then we understood that it’s wrong and self defeating. We can understand why others do certain things, but we don’t have to justify them. An example? Infibulation. That’s just bad, however you look at it.

@pauby and as I said, I know, I’m using a universal and quite simple definition of meaningful because of that, and by the way I’m asking mostly to western, capitalist developers, if someone comes and says they build simple stuff helping seal hunting for Inuit people I’m perfectly fine with that, if you’re in Canada and you build apps in order to track lions for western safari hunters, that’s not ok. Or can you say the opposite?

@pauby not really, quite the opposite, if there’s no shared definition for something, than it doesn’t exist. And meaningful is clearly defined, I’m not naive, I just don’t care about the “my job lets me survive, so it’s meaningful to me” because I have to draw a line somewhere and it’s the reason why I’m asking 😄 Moreover it can be argued that for Hitler it was meaningful to wage war and to murder Jews, still terrible things actually destroying meaning for millions, so not meaningful in the end

@Wraptile I disagree on the last point, that wouldn’t be meaningful outside our capitalist system and some could argue that you’d actually be destroying jobs in that way, so there would be less people employed and less money circulation around. The first one you talked about is for sure something useful to a large number of people.

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