I still think that if you're learning data science while learning how to code you should go with instead of .


Is really a list comprehension faster than map in ? Nope. You just proved that Python is very slow at creating functions (the lambda in the map example which gets created from scratch at every loop) and objects

This is just to let you know that panthera.numpy (github.com/alanmarazzi/panther) is actually a generic DSL for accessing and using EVERY package (yes, even on GPU) from

Don't hesitate to ask me anything about it

I can't help it, after using the REPL for so long I can't settle for almost anything else. Anytime I have to touch the only way to have something similar is a Jupyter notebook, but then I hate notebooks...

Lucky enough now we can have the best of both worlds: Clojure expressivity & REPL + Python's boatload of machine learning libs! github.com/cnuernber/libpython

About that Excel library I'm creating: the unoptimized, glued together version is already ten times faster than a solution!

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